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What exactly is the velocity diet. I’ve seen lots of logs popping up, which has intrigued me.

Velocity Diet 4.0

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I bet that works pretty well TBH. I did something like that about 8 years ago or so with good success. Just lots of protein shakes to replace meals, and I walked a lot (didn’t do everything outlined, but I think those are likely the big factors?). I think the 28 days is wise. Much longer than that and I think most people are not going to want another protein shake ever again haha. I could even see 2-3 weeks being pretty good for someone like me who is pretty lean, but needs that last little bit gone to look really good.

I am on day 10 and loving it, but after day 28 I am curious what your recommendation is for meal planing?

Some like to continue to have a shake or two per day. But really, it depends on your goals. Still want to lose more? Just do the usual: choose only healthy foods, keep the protein high, no cheats, and keep an eye on calories if needed. The primary key, of course, is not to go back to any bad habits that the V-Diet has hopefully helped you kick.

Another option, if you like a plan or some guidelines – adopt a couple of these:

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