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Chronic Fatigue
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HPTA Restart or TRT Log (Depending on Outcome)
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Test Cyp Once/Wk or Twice/Wk?
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Baby Time - Stop Or Continue TRT w/ HCG?
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High Estradiol & Gynecomastia / Bottom Range T
No Libido on TRT, Help Me Find the Missing Puzzle
New to TRT, Strange Side Effects
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Low SHGB, Should I Worry?
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New to TRT, How Long Before You Notice It?
Advice about HPTA Restart
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HCG and the Family Jewels
Lab Results. Any Ideas?
I'm 50 on TRT 2 Years - Doc Not Helping
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Worried After 6 Months on TRT
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Doctor Won't Prescribe TRT
When to Take Arimidex?
Feeling Awful on Testosterone Injections and Not Responding
E2 - Question About Dosing
Fertility Recovery, to Use HCG or Not
Clomid User for 7 Months - Need Advice
27 Y/O, Pretty Low T, Uncertain Diagnosis
Coming Off TRT after 6 Months?
42 and Just Starting TRT
Test C 100mg/wk Too Much?
High e2 and Normal Test
Why is HCG Not Working for Me?
Testosterone and Traveling
HPTA Recovery After 1.5 Years On
Small Balls Plus my 6 wk update on TRT
KSman is Here
Tired of My Doctor Guessing. Any Advice? Update 4/18/15
Blood Work Questions
How Long after Injecting Do You Feel the Effects?
Blood Clots on TRT
Results After 30 Days on Clomid
Low Sex Function on Testosterone
T Increasing, E2 Decreasing on TRT, No AI. Why?
Time to Lose Some Weight. OK. A Lot of Weight
TRT and HCG Protocol Changes and Outcomes
Thyroid or Low Testosterone? Both?
27m, DEAD Libido and ED Although Free T is Very High
Low T, Varicocele
Testosterone & Acne
E2 Levels Creeping Higher
Testosterone Propionate
Huge Weight Increase, 15lbs in 10 Days
Weight Gain on Testosterone?
Thyroid Hormones "In Range" Still Hypothyroidism?
TRT with no HCG? Fertility?
A Little Help Interpreting Blood Tests?
32, TRT & Erectile Dysfunction
Test, Thyroid and Their Symptoms
Appointment Tomorrow! Help with Questions, etc.?
Need Help with My HPTA Restart
30 Y/O. Total Test 480 ng/dl, But Don't Feel How I Used To
My E2 is Very High
Need Help Finding A Doc (NJ) - Will Travel
Help with Post-TRT Fertility
Rule of Thumb for Anastrozole?
TRT 6 Months, Hcg Every 3 Months. Testicles Going Into Groin/Abdomen
Super High Test Levels at 100mg/Week
Estradiol Lab Works
Hypothyroid, Low T. Feel Sick on Iodized Table Salt
T Therapy for 62 Y/O
Zero Sex Drive, No Erection Without Stimulus, High E2, Low T
Not Eligible for TRT at 398
Weak Erections, Sh*tty Libido
Help Quitting TRT. Age 48 in UK
Thyroid Labs. Do I Need T3?
Pellets vs Shots
Pellets but Want to Do Self Injections
Best Anabolic Conditions for TRT
HPTA and Fertility Restoration
53 - New User /Looking at TRT
23 Y/O with Very Low T. Help!
Did LabCorp Mess Up My Results?
I Love T, but I Dont Think It Loves My Liver
TRT + Other Compounds
Clomid 50mg Daily, 3 wks. Off the Charts T Levels - TT 1452
SHBG Pre / Post TRT
TRT for 8 Weeks - Feeling Worse, Labs Included
Seeing an Endocrinologist, Advice for Blood Work
Did I Permanently Screw Myself?
Very Worried About My E2
31 Years Old, No TRT or Anything Else, Crazy High SHBG
50mg Per Month TRT?
Question about HPTA Restart?
Low Test / HPTA Restart Help
Estraidol (E2) at 58 pg/ml
Normal T, Normal E2, Low-ish Free T
New Protocol, New Endo, Not So Sure
Advice on Lab Results?
Getting Tested for Low T at 40
Good TRT Doctors in New Jersey?
Doc Allows Injections at Home, How to Know If Estradiol Is Needed?
Thyroid Slowing After TRT for 1 Year?
Anastrolzole Dosage?
2yrs of TRT. Almost Zero Sex Drive. Doc Won't Help with TRT
Low Testosterone at 23
TRT with HCG/ Arimidex
TRT, Joint Pain & Tendinitis
Need Some Help Understanding Bloodwork
New Guy Looking for Advice
High Test High E2
35 YO Male, Low T Symptoms, Fluctuating Test Levels
Just Want to Be the Best Me Possible
Zero Libido. Antidepressants or Low T?
TRT and Klinefelter Syndrome
Androgel Day 6, Feeling Different
Just Started TRT, Need Advice On... Everything
TRT a Year Later, Still Not Dialed In
40 Y/O Male Please Help!
Newbie Needing Starting Advice
Didn't Think it was Possible to have Estrogen Levels this High
Thoughts on HCG Dose?
Can I Get an Example of an EOD Schedule for Test?
22 Y/O with Test on the Lower End
Just Started TRT, Longterm Side Effects?
Update w/ Labs - Test Level 1900, Think I Am Doing It Wrong
Different Schools of Thought on TRT
Arimidex Use w/ Testosterone Enanthate?
Help with T Levels Treatment
E2 Management Help
My "Noobie" TRT Journey
Keep Crashing Estrogen
Normal T and High Estradiol (Natural)
22 , Low T Symptoms w/ Normal-Low range
Maximizing Fat Loss on HGH, Testosterone, and Thyroid Meds
1st Bloodwork Back, Not Sure What to Do Next
Got Bloodwork, Estro Level Too High?
Clomid, DIM, D-glucarate and Frequent Urination?
Puffy Nipples and Prolactinoma. Cabergoline/Tribulus?
High Prolactin Levels, Decreased Sex Drive. Help?
HCG on TRT, Effectiveness and Potential Side Effects?
Working HCG Mono Therapy but No Libido or Sex Drive?!
Getting Pregnant: Test / HCG / Clomid (Asking for Hubby)
53 Y/O, Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetic, Considering TRT
Possibly Low T or Adrenal Fatigue
2+ Years of TRT, New Labs, High E2. Any input?
Need Help Hpta, Been Shut Down Long Time
400mg Test/MK 677 Cycle
27 on TRT. No Energy, No Appetite, No Drive, Light Headed
My Testosterone Journey... Comments Please
25 Y/O Symptoms of Low T (Can't Make Sense of the Blood Work)
HPTA Restart Advice - Accutane User
30, Low T & High AST/ALT
Tendinosis Pain, Fatigue and No Libido
26 YO Male. Freaking Out Over Blood Test Results
Bewildered by Test Results
28 YO Male Results - Low Test, Low FSH
Testosterone, Estradiol
High e2 and Normal Test
Quitting Anti Depressants
New to TRT, Need Help with Injecting
Needle Length for Quad Shots?
How much Testosterone in Blood After 3 Weeks?
Help with Understanding Labresults T3/T4 and More
TRT Fertility Questions
33 Y/O, Low T - Should I Get TRT
My Blood Test Results
Free Test Question
Difficult Time Getting Numbers Back Up Last Few Months
Good Online TRT Clinics
42 with High SHBG, Prolactin, TSH. Normal T
High E2 Reading but Low E2 Symptoms - Wrong Assay?
Intro and Questions
24 Yrs Old. Low Test, Anxiety, Depression. TRT?
Better to Take AI with Injection or to Spread it Out Over the Week?
31 Y/O Male - Can I / Should I get TRT?
49. Daily Test Protocol. No AI or HCG... Really?
24 Hashimoto + Low Testosterone + Pre-Diabetes Type 2 - Should I focus on fixing T?
Incredible T Jump
Watershed Moment Today After 7 Year Battle
Having Issues with Sex Drive and Mr. Happy
25. Elevated Prolactin, Low T, Negative MRI
TRT Just Isn't Cutting It
.5ml Test Every Week for 2 Years
26. Low Test, High Shbg, Very Low Estradiol
Help with Lab Results
Can I Use an AI & SERM Together?
My Experience with TRT and HCG. Seeking Advise, Please!
Help with TRT - Newbie
TRT For Mood Improvement?
High Testosterone and High Estradiol, Endomorph
Doc Ignored Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms
How to Restart My HPTA. History and Recent Bloods Inside
31 YO Male with Low Testosterone
Having Difficulty with Libido/Sexual Health on TRT, Otherwise
Hashimotos + Low T
42 Y/O Recently on Cypionate and Feeling Numb Downstairs Now
High Estrogen, Low Testosterone
Newly Prescribed Test E to Treat Low T. Nervous
Need Help on TRT Protocol
18 Yrs Old, Ran 3wk Dbol Only Cycle. Will I have Problems?
Selecting the Right Physician
Handling Life with Injections
Very High E2, Sick of the Symptoms, Doctors Aren't Helping
Transgender (Female to Male) Cycle Advice
Started TRT Today
To KSMAN - Labs on Clomid 25mg EOD - Updated Labs (test & thyroid)
26 Year Old - HCG or Clomid?
Very Low T and Very Low Vitamin D. Related?
TRT & Tendon Pain (Low E2)?
20 Y/O. Advice on Lab Results? High E2, Prolactin, Low TSH
Libido Dropped After 2 wks On Androgel. Help?
HCG and Clomid for Fertility
Sore Nipples on TRT
Seeking Urgent Input on T Cycle & PCT
Aromasin Only for Low Testosterone
28YO - Super Low Energy, No Interest in Women + Sky-High E2
Advice on Administering TRT? IM/SubQ, Depth, Location
Decreasing TRT Dosage
How to Raise E2?
Low Test, Low E2?
Can Anyone Recommend an Online Doctor/Consultant?
New Poster - TRT and Erection Issues
Need Help with Bloodwork Results
29 Y/O, Labs. Do I Meet Criteria for a Restart?
Switched to 2x a Week Dose, Strength Loss
Potential Problems/Challenges on TRT for Years?
52 and I'm in for the Long Haul
22 Testosterone 260, TSH 5.33 in a Crash-Like State
23 Years Old. Longtime Symptoms. Low T. Advice?
Blows to the Head, TRT Concerns?
24 with Low Test
Is It Too Late to Lower E2?
27 Yrs Old, Very Low Test. Advice?
Androgel to Test Cyp Blood Work Whacky
New to TRT and Need Advice
My Lab Results Are In. Going to Urologist Next Week - LOW T 165pmol/L
25 Year Old - Should I Jump Fully Into TRT or Try Thyroid First?
Exploring TRT after Clomid Restarts (15-month Test Results Posted 4/2/19)
Help Interpret Hormone Lab Panel
Microdose AI or Lower My T Dose?
Erection Issues Low Estrogen
Low T, I Think It's Thyroid? Ksman (was on Clomid now t-cyp)
Lowest T Ever Known to Man
Trying to Dial in Numbers
High T-Dose, Help Adjust?
Personal Experience with HCG Induced Leydig Cell Desensitization
Long Break, Lab Results
Can't Find a Doctor to Treat my Low T
Newbie, Doc Wants to Use Pellets to Get Above 300
Proviron and Blood Test
31 on Clomid, Looking to Transition to T Cyp
Best Protocol to Prevent Gyno?
5 Week Bloods - Help Needed
Need Advice on My Thyroid Test Results
First Labs at 8 Week Mark. Suggestions, No Libido/Erections
Help Adjusting Test and Arimidex Dose
First Consult with a TRT Expert
TRT + HCG vs TRT "Cycle"
Low T. Put on Androgel 1% Previous, Test User
How to Lower Very High SHBG/Creatine Kinase Levels w/out Permanent Damage to HPTA?
21yrs Old, Trying to Reclaim My Libido and FSH Levels. Clomid Questions
Bad Blood Results/Erection Dysfunction
Labs Completed, Don't Know Why E2 is So Low?
Incoming Noob! New to TRT and So is My Doctor
E2 High on Low Dose Testosterone, ACTH Falling
Hcg Mono, Need Advice
TRT Advise With AI
Low T, Sweating, Mood (Thyroid Issues?). Advice to Prepare for Endo?
DIM and Estrone Discussion and Doctor Recommendation?
8 Months on TRT, Elevated E2. Urologist Not Convinced to Give an AI
New to TRT, Any Help Would be Appreciated
Just Started TRT, Up and Down
Bonappetit's TRT Log/ New lab Results
High E2, Low Free/Total T. Doctors Keep Saying It's Alright
31y/o, Low T Symptoms, Extremely Low Vit D, Lab Results
Labs Included - Anxiety & Cold Hands
Gyno with Normal Labs? What Am I Missing?
High Total Testosterone, Low Free Testosterone
High SHBG Protocol Advice?
27 Y/o, Low Free T, Low LH, Low E, High SHBG
Progesterone Cream to Help Increase Testosterone, Help?
Low E2 Result Would Like to Know Why
Prostatitis, Water Retention and TRT
Feel Terrible After Starting TRT
Androderm Dosage?
Low T Lab Results, Need Some Opinions
Hypothyroidism, But with Few Symptoms
Test Boosters Useless w/ HTPA Shutdown?
Started TRT without Actual Need for It?
Help Dialing in Dosages (3 Lab "Snapshots" over a year)
Low Test & Sub Clinical Hypothyrodism
What T Levels Should Be In The Future
Test Cycle of Test Cyp and Test Prop
Sherlock My Results and Symptoms
TRT for 6 Weeks, Now Feeling Like Crap
Just on TRT. Worried about Doc
Switching to New Doc Out of VA System--Levels Safe?
Been on TRT Due to Doctor's Accident?
Interpreting Results?
Post Dutasteride Syndrome, Help
Low T a Year After Steroids. Hypogonadism, ED, Low Libido
TRT, Clomid, and Fertility
Help with Lab Results
Would Appreciate Some Advice on Labs and Next Step
New Guy: 43, Labs, Not Sure Where to Go from Here
Can Anyone Help Me Interpret These Test Results?
What Am I Missing? Low T, Fibro, Thyroid? Docs No Help
New to TRT and Looking for Guidance
Blood Test Results Disappointment
Help with Lab Results Please
Low LH & FSH. High E2, Moderate Test
Having Negative Side Effects
High Cortisol/Prolactin, Help?
Early 30s, Low T. Advice?
41yr Old, Diagnosed with Low T = 122, High Prolactin
Started T Therapy this Week
Am I in the Right Forum?
High Estrogen Still or Something Else?
Sustonon to HCG Ratio
Age 31 Low T - Need Advice
Attempting to Restart at 49
23 Y/O On TRT. High RBC Borderline High HBG/HCT
Blood Test Results Disappointment
Late 40s, Libido Gone. Bloodwork Inside, Thoughts Appreciated
Tribulus and Herbal Test Boosters to Help T and Estradiol?
Is a Correct or Even Adequate Regimen?
Obesity, TRT, Subq/IM Questions
Experiences with Nebido (Aveed)
What is Wrong With Me?
42 Y/O Male. Test Results and Doc Appt Next Week. Advice?
40 Y/O Low T, Hypothyroid, Suspect AF Too
Started TRT, Heart Racing
32 YO Australian and Very Low T just Started Reandron
Low Oestradiol Results - Advice Needed
[Case Thread] 3 Years of TRT
Low Free Test. High Prolactin. Help?
Briefly Stopped Arimidex B/C of Side Effects, Now Huge Fatigue Problem
Low Pregnenolone and Low Free Testosterone Fixes?
Arimidex and Tamoxifen Protocol? Anybody?
Low LH, Low FSH, Low Test & Low SHBG. Nebido Making Things Worse
23, Suspect Subclinical Hypothyroidism, Need Advice
25 Y/O, Need Advice for When I See My Endo (Update Labs now included)
29, Not Sure What to Make of Labs. Help Greatly Appreciated
Ex-Propecia User. Major Crash. Endo is Clueless, Help
Testosterone Recovery After Year of Anorexia
Quit Taking my TRT in Order to Manipulate Blood Results
3 Weeks into PCT, FSH & LH Still Near 0
26, Got Labwork. Suggestions for Next Steps?
Can't Balance My E2 on TRT
Blood Results, Need Advice
Long Term Low T Suspect. Can You Help Me?
Lab Result Help Would Be Much Appreciated
Allergic Reaction Or Test Flu?
31M - Test Results and Looking for Opinions
Recovery Advice Needed
Supplementing Alongside TRT
Help Me Read My Labs
37 y/o Low T. Initial Blood Test, Looking for Advice/Feedback
4 Months Post PCT. Very High SHBG. Advice Needed
What to Do Next? New to Low T Replacement
30, Low Free T, Should I Start?
I have Low T and I'm Not Sure What to Do
What to Do Next? New to Low T Replacement
After PCT Blood Test. 24 Years Old. Anxiety Depression
Low T High DHEA-S
Low Test But Still Seeing Results... How?
I am in Hell Right Now!
HCG for Hypogonadism?
Blood Test In! Advice Appreciated
Quick Question on Iodine (KSman?)
Need Help Interpreting Bloodwork 8-Weeks In
Syracuse TRT Doc
Doctor in Kentucky?
31 Y/O Male - Can I / Should I get TRT?
Moob Alert Sounding. Arimidex-Resistant E2 Levels
Testosterone Dropped by 90 in 2 Months. Is This Normal?
PCT After 1 Year of TRT
From Clomid To TRT and Fatigued!
Extremely Low SHBG While on TRT and SARMS
Testosterone Not Working
Cyponiate vs. Propionate 160/40 mg/ml
Perplexed with Dr's Arimidex Protocol
Low Libido, High SHBG.. Considering an AI
New to TRT - SubQ into Buttocks/Glutes?
Total T clinic in San Diego
Low Testosterone at 19?
25 Yr Old. Total T 458, Low Vit D
Fear of Heart Attack on TRT Injections?
Testim 2 Tubes Per Day, Having Problems
Anyone Know a Good TRT Endo in Massachusetts?
21, On Thyroid Meds. Low FT, High LH, High SHBG. Read All Stickies
Opinions and Thoughts On My First 6 Week Labs?
Possibly a TRT Candidate?
Find a Good Doctor in West Michigan?
Need Help on My Dose and The Way I'm Feeling
Testosterone Questions
High Progesterone
TRT for Us Older Guys
Self-TRT Protocol Suggestion?
Test Levels Falling Despite HCG, Extensive Testing with No Answer
4+ Months Wait Time to See An Endo?
High SHBG, High Prolactin, Low Free Test
Pre and Post Results from Clomid: Looking for Advice
Lab Results, Symptoms - Would Love Some Advice/Opinions
New Member and New Test Results
Historic Test Results - Anything to Worry About?
Massive Depression / OCD / Upset Thoughts - Urgent
TRT Not Working for 20 Years
Research to Justify Coverage of HCG
Help Needed, Limited Bloodwork
Avoiding Low T at 62
20 Y/O low Test Advice Needed
Going to Doctor on Friday
Desperate for Doctor in Kansas City Area
TRT Keeping Me Awake at Night?
My Brief Story and Results. Now What?
23 Years Old. Low T, High Estrogen
Symptoms of Low T, Help with Blood Work Results
Help Me Understand My Lab Results
Natural Test Boost?
Went in for Low T, Educated Doctor, Odd Course of Treatment
First PCT After 18 Week Cycle Failed, Need to Re-Do
My E2 is at 35pg. Are These Sides From High e2?
Shoulders and Back are Breaking Out. Help?
Need Expert Advice. Finasteride, Mdma, Stretch Marks, Depression
Late 40s, No Libido, Existing TRT Patient
31 Y/O Looking to Optimize Health, $ No Issue
Need Help. T Level 291
New to TRT. Help?
TRT Doctors in Western Suburbs of Detroit
48yrs old Coming Off TRT. Help?
35, Need Opinions. Low T Related
My Story and Some Help is Needed. (Labs Included)
32, First T Test, Help Decipher Results
Off TRT. 2 Months Later, Can't Control E
Does TRT Lose Effectiveness Over Time?
Obligatory "Need Help with My Results"-Thread
Bodybuilder: Low Total Test, High Free Test?
Just Started TRT, Need Advice On... Everything
Testogel Your Experience
20 Year Old with Low T
Need Advice about Adding Arimidex
25 Yr Old. Total T 458, Low Vit D
Switch from Testopel to Injections - Advice on Vials
Able to Discover the Cause of your Secondary Hypogonadism?
37 Y/O High SHBG, Low T, Help Needed
26 YO Male Low Testosterone... WTF?
Please Help Me Understand My Lab Results + Symptoms
8 Mos. Labs another High E2 Question
Question About AI Dosage Effect
About to Start TRT, Worried about High Hemocrit
Newly Prescribed Test E to Treat Low T. Nervous
28 T-Level 870 Offered TRT?
TRT 5 Yrs. Still Not Dialed In for E2 Levels. Lab Results
28 Y/O, Trying to Figure it all Out
My Quest for Optimal Levels
Back on Clomid, Total T Fine, Libido Still Gone. What Next?
10 Wk Cycle, Felt Nothing. Will T Levels Drop in 6 Months?
Low T Center Blood Test Showing Conflicting Values
TRT @ 170 Per Week W/ Masteron
Trying to Find the Source of the Problem
Minimum T, Good E2
On TRT, Saliva Test - Comments?
Started TRT: Testogel 50mg for 2 months. Fertility Question
Got My Labs. Thoughts?
Question About my Test Results
Still Low Energy/Mood on TRT
Test Cyp vs Test E?
What are My Chances of Getting Prescribed TRT?
What are My Chances of Getting Prescribed TRT?
New on TRT, Having a Hard Time
Unique TRT Situation
Proviron Causing ED
Considering TRT, Questioning Global / Longterm Availability
25 y/o. Problems After Prohormone Use at 19. Low T? Low Hormone Levels?
Quitting TRT After 12 Weeks?
Absorption of Creams
T Replacement Injections. Does It Get Consistent?
Am I Starting on a Low Dose?
My Story and Possible Hormone Issues 28 Y/O
Low Dose Finasteride, Big Problems. Advice Needed
I Have Labs - What Am I Missing?
Insurance Won't Cover
Lifelong Natural, Pre-First-Cycle Bloods
Lab Results, Looking for Advise
Androgel Turning Me Into a Monkey...NORMAL?!
KCLarry - Labs and Protocol
22, Suffering Low T Symptoms with No Help from Docs
Question about Ejaculate Size on TRT
Help Understanding Blood Work
Taking Control of TRT
Fatigue with Low T
Taking Control of TRT
Got Lab Results, Need Advice Prior to Dr Review
Dr to Prescribe Injections Rather than Testim Gel?
46 Y/O Low T Cypionate, Deca and EQ Stack Opinions
TRT Causing Sex Issues
20 Y/O: Hormonal MESS (TSH, E2, Test, Cortiosol)
Bloodwork 2 Yrs After Stopping TRT- Where to Go from Here?
My Stupid TRT Questions
Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction During Cycle. Advice?
TRT Turning Into More
Intro/History. Test Crash. Peptides - SARMS. Advice?
Did a Stupid PCT Resulting in ED and Low Testosterone
About the Over 35 Lifter category
Low Testosterone level - 11.4 nmol/L
Normal Everything but HIGH Estradiol Level & ED is Ruining My Life
40 Year old, Low T, Constantly Tired
Got Bloodwork. Should I Look into This Further?
TRT 50mg Every 3.5 Days = 27.2 to 29.8 Free T?
Low T and Symptoms, 26 Years Old
Need Urgent Help with ED
Do I Need TRT at 22?
My TRT Protocol with Klinefelter's Syndrome
43, Low Libido, Went for Testing at HRT Clinic
31 with Low T Labs
25 and Low T, What to Do?
Newbie Help. Brain Fog, No Interest, Lethargic
New to TRT and Need Help on Dosage
58 Year Old - Low T Diagnosis
Dialing in on TRT with HCG, Energy, and Libido
51 Year Old Needing Advice
Newbie Questions, Adjusting Dose. What to Tell Dr.?
TRT, Very Disappointed
42, Test Results. 3 Months TRT, Endo Suggestions?
Help with Lab Results
Joint Pain, Fatigue, Depression
Test Cycle Switch to Eq?
35 Y/O Investigating TRT - Blood Results In
My Test Results - Is TRT Recommended?
Low Testosterone Therapy
Full Labs from Low Country Male, Checking with Y'all Prior to Consultation, 6 Week Labs Added
Started TRT, First Results are Back, Need Advice
Low T, Low Estradiol. Advice?
31 Y/O Seeking Advice RE: Recent Lab Results
29 Year Old Needs Advice
TRT Knowledgable Doctor in West Houston Area?
High Liver Enzymes Due to Low Estrogen?
What Protocol Would You Recommend with These Labs?
28 Y/O Low T, High TSH, Low Vit D
May Have Hit Sciatic Nerve
Questions about Estrogen
5yrs with Low Test. Tried Clomid Therapy. Looking into TRT
TRT, 61Y/O, Prostate Cancer History
TRT Advice Newbie
Low Test at 25. Need Help
Doc is Uninformed, Probably Doing It Wrong. Help Me Correct Her
Just Started TRT 1.5 ml Every 2 Weeks. Good or Bad?
For the Vets Out There: Advice for Cruising?
Supplements and TRT
27Y/O, Signs of Low T, Unclear on Bloodwork
Just Want to Be the Best Me Possible
Recovering from Anorexia Athletica
First 6 Months on TRT
28, Just Put on TRT
Injections: Test Left on Skin Surface
Clomid to Prevent Testicular Shrinkage?
TRT and Nagging Muscle Strains
Test 330. Estradiol <5. Free T and SHBG Normal
21 Active and Feeling BLAH
Taking AI During TRT Question
29 Y/O. 9 Wks on Test, Anastrozole, and HCG. Not Sure What To Do
Clen and High Body Fat
Still Having Problems Even on TRT
Low T and Clomid
High Test, High Estrogen
36, Low T, Want to Know Cause
Low T, Trying to Find Solution without TRT If Possible
Test Question for the Knowledgeable
Testosterone Level and Genetics
T-Rabbit Hole Of DOOM! o_0
26, High Total Test, Low Free Test, Experiencing Fatigue, Brainfog, Anxiety
Dbol While On TRT?
Age 26. Considering T Replacement, Dutch and Traditional Labs
Sample TRT Template Question
Will Endo do TRT for 379ng/dl?
41 Male, Diagnosed with Low T 2 Months Ago
Update with T results - DIM-Evail Instead of Anastrozole?
TRT 11 Weeks into Treatment (1 year update)
New to TRT and HCG, Feedback
This Seems Not Right. Test Cyp. Bizarre Results
Post deleted 15char
20 Years Old, Do I Need TRT?
33 on TRT, Looking for Options
TRT Cream or Lozenge
Finally Saw New Endocrinologist
Help Reading Labs - Newbie
25 Y/O, Low T Symptoms, Low DHEA/High SHBG
Low T, High FSH...what to do?
Help - Testosterone Boosters
Hematicrit Levels
Age 33, Thinking of Starting TRT
Red Face, Flushed
Need Help with My HPTA Restart
Decipher My Blood Work, Please
Arimidex Symptoms At Low Dosage?
39, Low Total T but Normal BioAvailable (Advice)
Hypothyrodism or Hypogonadism? Or Both? Lab Report Included
On TRT 5 Years, Now Feeling Mental Sides. Input on Bloodwork?
TRT Help. Completely Clueless
25 Y/O, Low T and High Estra?
Low T(195)
Finasteride and T Replacement
Clen and High Body Fat
Bloodwork Coming Up, Advice to Test Peak Levels?
Low FSH and Estradiol with High Free T
Test Results Newbie
Is TRT My Only Option?
Low T and Symptoms, 26 Years Old
New 53 Y/O, Learning about TRT
Looking for Advice on Cruise
Unsuccessful PCT
26 Y/O Test Level 354
Unsuccessful PCT
Blood Work After Injection
Bloodwork Results. Tiredness and Sex Drive Affected
Need Help with Lab Results!
T Replacement Injections. Does It Get Consistent?
Help with TRT/Lab Result Interpretation
1 Year Into TRT, Not Pleased with Recent Lab Work, Please Advise
Stress and Anxiety Problems, Want Blood Tests
Help with TRT/Lab Result Interpretation
27 Yrs Old, Low T Symptoms
Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Russia?
Can/Should I Do Cypionate and Clomid at Once?
Young & Would Like to Avoid TRT, Any Other Options? (Labs Included)
My Results and Some Backround (Updated with Doc response and Treatment Regiment)
Dr Said My Levels Are Normal at 265?
First Therapy - Keeping It Simple for Further Athletic Performance
Help with Dosage
On TRT, Here is My Bloodwork. Will Post Protocol Next
BUN, Creatinine, GFR High in Blood Test
39, Low T, Medical Advice On TRT Needed
25 Y/O - 8 weeks into TRT. AI Added to protocol. Updates below
New to TRT, Prescribed High Dose to Start, Got Questions
Test Results In- Help Needed Interpreting (24 Y/O Low T)
How to Use GH for a Beginner?
Suggestion for Adjusting AI to Get E in the Right Spot?
9 Months Off of Steroids - Blood Results. Help!
Can I Reboot After T Therapy Injections
Covering My Bases Before Giving TRT a Shot After Thyroidectomy
Not Sure What's Wrong After 5 Months Treatment. Arimidex Didn't Work
Interpreting Blood Tests 25 y/o
Will 500mg of Test C Every 3wks Shut Down Natural Production?
Sust in Oral Liquid Dropper, Prohormone?
3 Months into TRT. Advice/Discussion on Most Recent Labs
Pudendal Neuralgia Low T
26yrs old, Abnormal Low T over 3yrs. Drs/Endo Not Having Any Clues
Help Interpreting Bloodwork Results
Advice on Latest Blood Test? (4 Month After PCT)
Blood Work Showing Low T, Any Suggestions?
Blood Test and TRT Dosages
Testicular Shrinkage in Secondary Hypo
TRT Before & After Colon Cancer Operation
DRJH1999's TRT Journey at 36 y/o. Long Story But May Help Someone
Testosterone Blood Work Results
Blood Results, Need Help Reading Them
Help Interpreting Results, Before I Start TRT
Need Help Hpta, Been Shut Down Long Time
Introduction - 34 Y/O with CAH Starting TRT
22 with No T
New to Forum, Need Help w/Labs
Low T or Not Low T, That is The Question (UK Based)
Thyroid Labs, Before and After
31 Y/O Starting TRT Fertility?
Just Now Finding the Power of Test with AI
Help With Labs. 3 Months on T, Can't Get Levels Up
34 Year Old, Low T for my Age?
Hampton Roads/Tidewater VA TRT
29yo Looking for Advice on Labs
Help with Low E2
Do I Have Low Test at 19 Years Old?
30 Y/O Just Started TRT. Trying to Learn All I Can
Possible Hypothyroidism/ TRT Not Working
Doc Recommendation in Indianapolis?
Help, I Suffer from Idiopathic Hypersomnia
Help Finding Good Endocrinologist in Seattle Area?
Low Testosterone but Doc Says Its in Normal Range
47 Yrs Old with Symptoms. TRT or Not to TRT?
Issue with ED and Sex Drive Problem
TRT Clinic in Ottawa, Ontario Canada?
Steroids and Heart Problems
25 Years Old, in Lower Ranges of TT and FT
Can Low T Cause Frequent Urination?
35, 3 Months on TRT, Need Recommendations on Results
35 y/o, Bloodwork Analysis and Recommendations?
49Y/O. Low T or Just Getting Old?
Switching from Every 7 Days to Every 3.5 Days
Lab work, Testosterone, B-12, D
Need Help with Labs from Ksman
T Replacement Injections. Does It Get Consistent?
Risk of Thromboembolism and Arimidex
Questions about Labs (After Reading the Stickies!)
Anybody have wisdom on Thyroid meds?
Testosterone Blood Results
Dizzy/Off Balance Feeling. Low Test, Hypothyroidism
20 y/o with Severe Problems on TRT
25 Years Old, Low Testosterone
Doctor Prescribed me 1mg Arimidex Daily. What the Hell?
58 YO Male, BHRT for a Year, Test >1500!
26Y/O. No Sex Drive, Brain Fog, Depression, Weight Gain
31 on TRT, Before and After Labs
Clomid Side Effects
26. Normal Total T, Low Free T - Clomid or TRT?
Can Anyone Recommend a Doctor in Ireland?
40 YO with Really Low T
Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism? Not Sure What Route to Take
Newbie on TRT. Feedback Wanted
3 Months Post AAS Use: LH-FSH Normal Range, No Signs of T Life
Painful PIP with Sustanon 250
21 Y/O, High SHBG Affecting Free Testosterone Levels?
Help With Lab Results - 39 Yr Old With Fatigue
TRT at Home with Doc Helping Read Labs
Low Estradiol of 12pg/ml. Never on AAS. Clomid?
Thoughts on My Situation? Age 20
Looking for Studies to Back Up
Labcorp Testing, Info on Results Needed
Clomid/HCG to Fix Hypogonadism. Low Free T, High SHBG and High Prolactin
37 y/o New to TRT. Labs and Questions
24 Y/O Pre-TRT Levels w/ ED & Depression. Thinking of Going Off
Guidance on Low T, Obesity, Etc
28 - Free Test Very Low, Total Test Good
Shaky/Confusing Start to TRT, Looking for Progress and Success
5 Years On TRT with New Onset Cardiac Issues 32 Y/O
Great Labs - Bad Symptoms
High Test High E2
Why Did I Feel Awful on Tren/TRT Therapy?
Elevated E2 After Weight Loss
31 Y/O Ngiapmac's Journey to Solving Low T
Normal Testosterone, High SHBG 26 y/o
27, Just Started Test Cyp Injections
Looking for a TRT Doc in Auburn, AL Area
Steroid Use at Age 18 for 3 Months
27 Years Old, Low Test... Time for TRT?
20 Y/O. Bloodwork. Need Advice
25y/o Bloodwork. Should I Go on TRT?
First Post/First Self Injection
Azwildcats TRT Log
New to TRT. Dosage/Meds?
SubQ Estrogen Problems?
3 Months In, Should I Stop TRT?
Help Interpreting Bloodwork Results
25 Y/O on TRT - I Need Opinions. New Labwork, Contradictions
TRT Doc In/Near Bergen County, NJ?
PCT with Clomid After 9 Months HRT
Using Injectable and Gel, Is It Ok?
My Labs and Progress
Axiron and Test Cypionate
High SHBG, Prolactin, and TSH, Low FT
High SHBG All the Time
53 - New User /Looking at TRT
Prescribed TRT for Postmenopausal Women
Starting TRT Next Week. I Have Some Questions
Dr Wants to Add Nolvadex to My TRT Protocol
28 Years Old, ED Issues
Guidance on Low T, Obesity, Etc
Sort of New To TRT
29, Adjusting TRT Dose, Need Advice
Low T Since 19, Now 26. About to Start TRT?
29y/o, Pre-Potential TRT Advice?
Help Interpreting Bloodwork Results
28 yrs old with Low T. Doc is Not Informative
Tapering Off of Clomid?
First Injection Tomorrow, Confused About Dose Frequency
31, Thinking of TRT, Opinions Before Bringing Up with Doctor
25, Low T and Stuck
Full Story and Latest Labs
27 yrs old. Investigating Lack of Libido
20 ng/dl Total Testosterone
TRT Libido Problems
New to TRT with Hypothyroidism *updated labs 6/5*
Lab Feedback: 32Y/O, Low Free T, Very High SHBG, High TSH, High E2
Starting TRT with labs (Second Thread Moved Here)
Just Started TRT
25 Y/O on Finasteride, Considering TRT, Help Interpret Lab Results
Age 29, Canada, Seeking TRT
21 Y/O Bloodwork Update
Help with Testosterone Gel
Can Someone Help Me? Low T Symptoms
Early 30s - Bloodwork?
Help Deciphering Hormone Panel Results
New Member, On TRT 1 Year. Best Protocol: Cream or Shots?
High Hematocrit and Bilirubin
My Lab Results. Do I Need TRT?
Lab Review - Switched Docs, New Protocol
Took Anastrozole Yesterday, Take Another Today/Tomorrow?
Low T High Prolactin Clomid & Vitex Together
Is Low T the Problem? At the End of My Tether
Lab Reviews / Advice
Extremely High SHBG, Feel Horrible, Please Help
Do I Have Low Test at 19 Years Old?
First Blood Test Results - Advice Appreciated
Hard Time Finding Balance with Estradiol
In Search of TRT Friendly Endo or Urologist in Philadelphia
Blood Test Came Back 0.0 FSH 0.1 LH
Seeking Endo in Columbus OH Area
23Y/O Scared Dr Gave Me Too Low TRT Dose
49 Years Old, Full TRT Advice?
49 Years Old, Full TRT Advice?
42 y/o. Prescribed TRT, Here Are My Labs
Trt Doctor in Long Island, NY
How Is my T Level for my Age?
30 Y/O, 1 Cycle. Low T, Very High Estra. HPTA Restart?
Advice on Low Levels of T
First Blood Work Since Beginning TRT Injections 7 Weeks Ago
Need Advice on Cost, Feel Like I'm Getting Taken
45, Educate Me On TRT
Testicular Pain for 5 Years
Low Free Testosterone Level (Blood Work Included)
Will Running 12 Miles a Week Hurt My T Level?
Dr. Prescribed Cycle for TRT
6 Months into TRT, Honeymoon Gone, Opiates to Blame?
29 Yrs Old, Borderline Low Test, Thinking TRT
Test E Bloodwork Results, Underdosed?
TRT Doctors Central NJ area?
Pregnenolone & DHEA - to Supplement or Not?
My Hypogonadism Story
Age 26, Secondary Hypogonadsim, Looking for Advice
27 y/o. Just Started TRT
T Levels Too High?
Doctor in Kansas City-Help
24Y/O - Aus Blood Test. Low T, High Prolactin. Help
HCG Monotherapy Before PCT?
Low Dose Doxazosin and PDE5 Inhibitors
53 y/o. Appreciate Feedback: Test Results, TRT Protocol
TRT Case - 43 Y/O Male, 290 lbs
Multiple Bloodwork Results, Suggestions Welcome
26, Low T Symptoms
28 Y/O Low T Looking for Opinions on Results
Worse ED After Starting TRT
KSMan, Did My E2 Crash?
Pituitary Tumor & T Replacement
Blood Work Results. Hormone Levels Abnormal?
Newbie Seeking Advice
31, Started TRT, New labs 5/31/16
Lab Results and ED
High SHBG on TRT
39 Yr Old Facing Andropause Symptoms
Trying To Get On TRT, Endo Issues
Always Tired Again
"Blood Work Perfect" Need 2nd Opinion
20 y/o Blood Work and Low T Symptoms
10 Years on Finasteride. 3 Years Later, Shutdown. Advice?
Control of Estradiol?
28Y/O Male. Approved TRT from Doctor
Testosterone Labs Need Explaining Please
Should I Start TRT While Working to Find Root Cause of Low T
20 Y/O TRT. Need Help w/Bloodwork And Situation In General
On TRT but No Sex Drive/Libido
Normal T Levels, No Libido with ED Issues
27, Low T -- Next Steps?
Hey Guys Need Some TRT Help
Low T/High E on TRT
Go Ahead for TRT or Other Therapy?
Low Testosterone Due to Low Fat Diet?
Blood Test Results, Low Testosterone - Advice
Should I Start TRT or No?
Managing Gyno. Got Bloodwork
37 Y/O from UK with Low T... Please help
Do I Need TRT, E2 Low?
On TRT 6 Months, Having Joint Pain
Using an OTC SERM and AI, in Place of Prescription SERM
My T Level Is 78, What Should I Do?
TRT Water Retention
Should I Start HRT?
Advice for My TRT: 5 Weeks On, 1 Off?
Insomnia while on TRT
Blood Results- Low T and Military Advice
Opinions on my Blood Test Results?
Lab Results: Very High FSH and LH, Very Low Testosterone
Treating Pituitary Tumor with HGH?
Help With Labs and What To Do?
Approx. 2 Yrs on TRT - Finally Got Bloods Done
Why Is Too Much T Bad for You?
On TRT but Feel Horrible
First Month of TRT Levels, Questions
I Have a Tiny Prescription for T, Risks?
Prostate Issues at 52
Low T, Average FSH, LH after Finasteride
Wanted to Do Injections Instead of Cream. Don't Know What to Do Now
Potential Virilization
31 Y/O. Normal TT, Low Free T, Very High SHBG, Low DHEA
Reading Test Results, Age 25
19. Low Test, High Estradiol with Sides. High Cortisol, Normal Thyroid
THR - Australia
My journey with TRT
TRT Help with Ongoing Results and Labs
22 Y/O, Low T for 3-4 Yrs. Strange Case
Test Results Help
Florida TRT Doctor/Clinics
Help with T Replacement Side Effects and Results
Klinefelters Guy Here, Got a Nebido Issue
45 Yr/Old. Hormones are a Mess After System Crash
23 Yrs Old. Low T? Ready for TRT?
Opinion on Lab Work to Date - Low Test
New, Can Use Perspective I'm Not Getting From Doctors
TRT, Thyroid or All of the Above?
TRT High E2 and Prolactin Help
First TRT Treatment
TRT - Going Backwards Still have ED, No libido - New Bloods Are In
Worried About Low T. Blood Test Results, Too Low?
A Lfetime on TRT
TRT and Managing My New Life
31 Y/O. Thought I was Low T. What Now?
Boyfriend on TRT 9 Mnths, Has to Stop. Not Sure How to Help Him?
38 Y/O, Newly on T-Gel and Not Happy
Years on T4 - Misdiagnosed? Still Searching
25 y/o with Low T
Trying to Turn my Life Around
Need to Help Doc Help Me. Almost There, I Think
18 Y/O. Low T, Anxiety, Brain Fog, Low SHBG
Foggy and Tired Days after Shot
TRT Patient Needing Advice; Doc's No Use
24 YO Male. Low T, self-administered TRT
5 Weeks on TRT and Unsure If This Is Normal
Need Help, Should I Be Searching for TRT
Hematocrit: How High is Too High?
Bloodwork, First Time on TRT
Started TRT 13 Days Ago. Questions About Protocol and Primary Diagnosis
One Year on TRT and It Only Worked for 1 Week
23 y/o, Heavy, Low T Symptoms and a Doc Odyssey
Need Protocol Advice
26. Normal Total T, Low Free T - Clomid or TRT?
21y/o, "Chronic Fatigue" Symptoms
30y/o Lifter. Low T/Raging Estrogen
22 Yrs Old on TRT, Could Really Use Help
Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen
Having Side Effects, Got Bloodwork
41, Testosterone Count 284. Test Cyp w/ HCG or No HCG? with updated lab results
[Updated Labs] 23, TT = 358 ng/DL. Feel Low Symptoms, Bloodwork Results Inside
No Morning Wood
Help Analyze My Bloodwork?
Army Vet Looking for Answers
Low GH. Amino Supplements to Boost GH? (+labs!)
Newbie in Need of Advice: 50mg a Week?
TRT Doctor Recommendations in Dallas Area
Pregnenolone Deficiency on TRT
Att KSman: Current Labs, Low T and Thyroid
Need Advice - Low T?
23 with Low T, Need/Want Help
Long-Term Travel on T?
Blood Test Results - Enlarged Liver
2 Doctors. 2 Opinions. Hashimotos? HRT?
Sensitivity to Gyno
Lab Results, Difficulty
20 Years Old - On TRT, is Hcg Needed
28 Y/O, TRT Started
Coming Off TRT After a Year, Advice Required on Both Sides of Staying on & PCT
On TRT 3 Months. Chest Acne, Estrogenic Fat
Questions About 6 Month Labs
Starting Shots Every 3.5 Days. When to Get Bloodwork?
TRT - 51 YO Male - Re Discovering your Sweet Spot? *UPDATE*
7 Years of TRT, Now Doc is Denying Me
Looking at Going on TRT, Advice?
Hcg-Induced Hypogonadism
My TRT Story. 26 Years Old, 4 Months In
Regaining Health - Hypothyroidism/Hypogonadism
Efficacy of Clomid
Starting TRT, Need Your Opinion
Dr Said My Levels Are Normal at 265?
How Bad Can Low T Make You Feel?
Is My Reaction To This Supplement Normal?
26 Y/O Test Level 354
TRT and Atrial Fibrillation
Testim for 5ng/dL Below Range
New to the Forum & TRT. Any advice?
23 Y/O. No Sex Drive, ED, Shrivelled Penis and Testes
Labs - Low Libido and Sweats
Looking For a Capable TRT Yoda or Obi-Wan
New to TRT, How Long Before You Notice It?
31, Low T. What to Expect with TRT?
Low T and Erectile Dysfunction. Good Doctor near NY or for telemedicine?
Just Prescribed Test C at 18
26yr old Testicular Cancer Survivor Formerly CFS, Now Low T
TRT and Paroxatene
42 I'm Fit But Feel Like Garbage, Help with my Labs
Just Prescribed Test C at 18
Continue to Look into TRT?
Clomid for Long-Term Use?
1 Year on TRT. Concerned w/ Recent Bloodwork, Still Not Feeling Great
Blood Test Results - Advice?
Need Advice On Protocol And Symptoms [Bloods Inside]
36, Low T, Few Physical Symptoms, Labs added, advice please
Enclomiphene - Conclusion Now on TRT
RBC Blood Test Results, Need Some Input
Injection Frequency, Changing to Every 5 Days
Early 30s. Over-Trained Endurance Athlete
TRT Protocol - 4 Yrs, Please Advise
Borderline Low T, Very Low Estro
Lab Results: 27 y/o, "Normal" T
Issue with E2, Help
Doctor Suggestions Around Ft. Myers Florida?
Unidentified Symptoms - Bad Product?
TRT and Estrogen
31, Low T, High Normal LH
Low T, 20 Yrs Old, Need Guidance
Need Help Interpreting Results
Newbie Here, Just Started Test Cyp
Low Free Testosterone. Advice Needed
How Long Does It Take to Get Blood Test Results Back?
On Clomid, Change to HCG Mono?
Test Interpretations
Prostate Issues Exacerbated from Day 1 (End of Week 2)
Low T, High E2. HCG+Anastrozole?
Low Test? Klinefelter? Hypogonadism?
Met with Urologist Finally, Injections Shot Down
Hypogonadal Symptoms
20, Severe ED but High Total/Free T? Related to T?
Trt doc in Manhatan
Stopping TRT Cold Turkey?
New to TRT -> On Clomid
Testosterone Replacement - Low Dosage
Preparing to Talk to TRT-Resistant Doctors at Kaiser
Statins, a Help or a Hinderance for Sexual Function
Very Worried About My T Therapy
AI Dose, Help Needed
Anyone from Poland? Need to Find Doctor Who Knows About Long-Term TRT
Need Advice on TRT
TRT for 10 Months - Looking for Feedback on Current Lab Results
Appointment Tomorrow! Help with Questions, etc.?
Fertility Regimen - Low T, Low Sperm, Otherwise Normal
TRT Failure and High Anxiety
New to This, Help with Labs Would Be Appreciated
Help with My Total Testosterone Trough Level
Low Testosterone Numbers
26 Y/O Total Test 380. What to Do from Here?
3 Weeks on Testosterone Cypionate
200mg, .3ml Twice/wk. Progress?
Evolving with TRT, Evaluating Adjustments to Endocrine System; Estradiol, HCG, Supplements?
Clomid + Arimidex Dosage
22 Y/O with Basically No Testosterone
Low T, What's my Next Step?
28 Y/O Help Interpreting Bloodwork
Hypogonadism in Australia, Advice
SHBG Pre / Post TRT
Low Test at 25. Need Help
Year+ On TRT, Now Thyroid Issues?
TRR Not Working
On TRT 5 Years, Poor Kidney Function
42 Y/O. Aussie Blood Test. Low T High PSA Help
27 Y/O, TRT Regimen
23 Yrs Old. How to Get TRT in the UK?
Can Anastrozole Stop Working?
26, Considering TRT, had Blood Test, Need Guidance
New to TRT, Taking Nolvadex/Tamox. Help Getting to Optimal Levels?
First Day on TRT, Questions After First Injection
Help with Testosterone Results?
New to TRT, E2 is Very Low. Should I Take an AI?
Wanting TRT Badly
Help Confirming/Understanding Test Results Please
Help Confirming/Understanding Test Results Please
Help Confirming/Understanding Test Results Please
Help Confirming/Understanding Test Results Please
Low Testosterone
32y/o, TRT Symptoms? Dr. Said He Doesn't Know, Gyno
SARM with Low Test Levels?
18 Months on TRT; Want Advice (Update: 2/28)
Advice About Switching Doctors and Method of T Delivery?
Dbol and TRT. An Update of Sorts
New to TRT -> On Clomid
26 Y/O Low T, High Cortisol help
Young, Low Test Results
High E2, Low T, Low FSH, LH, Healthy Semen Analysis
High Free Androgen Index and Low SHBG, Explanation?
TRT Doctors in NYC?
TRT & Prohormones
On The Right Path?
Jim13o's Journey - Symptoms, Log, and Hopeful Recovery
24 Y/O: Depression, ADD, Brain Fog, ED Need Help
E2 Crash with TT/FT Up. Why?
24 Y/O, Dr. Recommending TRT(Update 12/23/17)
NH_Watts' TRT Log
32 Y/O Diagnosed w/ Low T and Have Questions - Cyp
34 Y/O Test Results and Docs Protocol
Secondary Hypogonadism Low TT Low SHBG
20Y/O, Low T and SHBG, Blood Results, Symptoms
20 Year Old On TRT- Gyno?
Interpreting Labs (All Labs Added 8/29/16)
Testing to Have a Baby, Confirm These Numbers?
37m Starting TRT
*UPDATED* Lab Results- Opinions Needed
Low T, Low LH & FSH, High Glucose
28 Y/O fluctuating T and FT ( Updated 12/19 with labs from 12/13)
Just Started TRT. Am I Prescribed Too High of a T Dose?
Advice / Opinions for TRT ( 23 Years Old )
Newbie - Lab Results
Advice/Help with Blood Results?
How Long to Wait for Blood Tests?
Another 19 YO with Low Testosterone
Weight Gain/Bloating with Increase of T & Cytomel (Thyroid Med T3)
One Year in to TRT
First TRT Injection, 3 Days Later Still Sore
TRT and Estrogen
27, Low TT and No FT. What is Going On?
38 Y/O Normal T, High FSH, TH and SHBG Levels. Opinions Wanted
Tamoxifen Citrate
Low Testosterone, 20 Years Old
22 Y/O, Low T Symptoms W/In "Normal Range". Looking for Advice
34 - First TRT Cycle - Need Feedback
Keto Diet, Clen Alternative
20, Low Testosterone & No Clue Why
Got Bloodwork. Should I Look into This Further?
23 Low T - UK Help Interpreting Results
Disregard or Delete
New To TRT And Really Need Some Advice
Tapering off TRT W/O AI or HCG
[Update:Started TRT] 28Y/O M, Chronic health Problems, Low T
TRT Stopped Teste Pains?
Blood Test and Total Test Results Help
I Quit Testosterone Cold Turkey And Regretted It
TRT or Not, Advice?
Need Help Interpreting Labs to Tweak TRT Protocol
33 y/o, Libido/ED Problems
27, Post Concussion. Labs: Low Test/Free Test, High SHBG
Doctor Gave Me Bad Regimen, How Do I Fix It?
27 Y/O, TRT Regimen
Having a Real Hard Time
How and When to Switch to Sub Q?
Endo Said He Couldn't Help. Advice?
Success Rate on TRT?
Log from New Guy & Experience with Low T Center
Seeking Advice on Crashing T and Recovery
Newbie 57 Y/O Starting Test C Need Advice on TX and Protocol
Low Testosterone 21 Y/O Male
High Hematocrit with Low Ferritin Levels
21 Y/O Hormone Optimization Advice? - SHBG
Low Libido and ED w/ Labs
Help with Blood Test Results
Just Got These Labs In, Need Help Interpreting Results
Dialing in my Protocol... No Luck
Subclinical Hypothyroid or Misdiagnosed?
27 Y/O, Extremely High SHBG, Low Free T, Low Prolactin, Normal TSH and Estradiol
Really Confused with Low SHBG. 31Y/O. 11 Weeks into TRT
Post Varicocelectomy Advice. Triptorelin?
Libido/ED Issues, Bloodwork Posted
27yo Starting TRT Pellets, Any Advice?
Hypo or Hyper? What Do You Think?
35, Pretty Sure I am Headed Toward TRT
20 Year Old, Feeling Suicidal
Help With My TRT Treatment
26, UK, Just Prescribed Clomiphene - Opinions?
Interpretation of Results
Blood Work and Estrogen Levels
Links in Threads Now [Sometimes?] Go to Wrong Threads
40 Y/O New to TRT + HGH, Concerns About Prolactin & Liver Enzymes
E2 NORMAL But Total Estrogen Serum High
Is 38.70 pg/mL Normal?
What Do These Lab Results Mean?
32, Update: Back to Normal Levels, but High TSH and CK (Had High SHBG, Low Free T)
TRT and ED Advice
Help with Possible Absorption Issue
1 Week into TRT and Levothyrox, Huge Water Retention and Injection Pain
26. Normal Total T, Low Free T - Clomid or TRT?
Hair Loss, Now on TRT Because of Hair Loss Remedy
24 YO, Life-Ending Depression, TRT?
Cyp from 2 to 3 Times a Week. Expected Changes?
Could It Be Related to Low T? Is My T Low Enough?
30 Y/O with Low T. Need Advice/Input Low Normal LH/LowT -- KSman
Uncharted Waters for Me
37 and Low T... Help
Low T, High Prolactin and High Estradiol
Low Test Post Cycle, TRT Offered
My Blood Test: Testosterone Came Back 395ng/dl
Executive Meathead Looking For Advice
How Long Should I Wait?
Lab Results and Doctor Visit, Need Help
17, Test Results
17, Test Results
Looking For Help
How Long Until I Feel Better? Other Hormone Levels?
26 Year Old Needs Advice and Good Vibes
Low T, Seemingly High TSH - 30 YO Help Needed
Should I Start TRT With My T Levels?
Stopped TRT and HCG Severe Panic Attacks
TRT Doc In Chicago?
22 Years Old, Very Low T (75 ng/dl)
New Doc, Different Test
Should I Be Worried About This Bloodwork?
Going to Add Anastrazole (Bluefish) to TRT and I'm Freaking Out
Estradiol Level after Taking T Cream Replacement
Unexpected Lab Results
29 Y/O Potential Low T
Starting TRT - Please Take a Look
Failed PCT Attempt, Low Levels, ED, All of It
About to Start T Cyp Injections - Would Like Second Opinion
Help with Reading Bloodwork?
Cortisol Levels Affecting Testosterone Production
56, Ready for TRT - Numbers & Plans
Big Update 3/21 ! Secondary Hypogonadism HCG Mono Theory Success Stories
Blood Pressure Increase Expectation with T Injections
Assistance Required, TRT in the UK
T Level is 310, Need Doc in St. Louis MO
41, Overweight, Low T. Opinions?
26 Years Old, Low Testosterone Symptoms
KSman, Physician Resource
Selective Hypopituitarism Anecdotes and Sources?
On TRT, Low Progesterone, Low Libido, Thyroid/ Adrenals?
Finding Libido on TRT/Arimidex Help?
Is There An Oldest Age to Be Doing TRT?
TRT Doctor in Saskatchewan?
Thyroid Labs: Normal fT3 and TSH, Low-ish fT4, Feeling Hypo
TRT and Advice on PCT if Needed
Is TRT The Right Option?
4 Wks In, Never Had Sleep or Breathing Issues. Now Have Both
T Is at 1284, But Still Feel Bad
Post Finasteride 5/6 Months - Recovery Advice (Generic Blood Panel)
Best TRT/Cruise Protocol?
Underdeveloped 23 Year Old, Just Received Lab Work
What Did I Do Wrong? What Should I Do Now?
Low Bioavalable Testosterone, High SHBG (25Y/O)
31 Y/O, Appears Low T, Looking for Advice/Feedback
Are My Testosterone Levels Low, Average, or High?
Misdiagnosed at 21 and Put on TRT
SERM or AI on TRT?
TRT, Enlarged Prostate, Seeking Advice
Low T & NHS Endo Won’t Help
Struggling to Dial in TRT
Thyroid Advice Please
Testosterone Issues for a 22 Year Old
Testosterone at a Young Age
8 Weeks of TRT - Concerns Valid? Will Not Consider AI and More
Advice on Tweaking Protocol, Bloods Inside
Help: Low T After Thyroidectomy. Suggested Clomid
Sexual Drive for High Progesterone
Advice Regarding Blood Test?
Clomid Monotherapy or with Tostran Gel?
Are These Good Levels?
Anyone Willing to Give my Bloodwork a Once Over?
Long Fight with Hormones and Sexual Problems
New to TRT. Is High Estrogen Causing Me to React in Anger Quicker?
45, Tired a Lot, Hard to Make Gains in Gym. Looking for Info
75mg Dose from 250mg Ampules?
Help Reading Labs
Water Retention on TRT
Low T Symptoms with Above Range T Numbers? High SHBG and rT3
No Libido and Severe ED
OK to Inject Sustenon 250 Sub-Q?
Suffolk County Long Island TRT Doctors
How Much Test E to Improve Test Levels?
Bloods - TRT or Not?
Is this Normal or a Lab Mistake?
6 Months on HCG Mono
Need Advice with Extremely Low Testosterone Results
TRT Since July, Heart Palpitations/Anxiety Since December
Help Read Blood Test Results Before I Talk to Dr
Newbie on TRT, Feeling Lightheaded and Foggy After Injection
Newbie on TRT, Feeling Lightheaded and Foggy After Injection
Low T, PCT Cycle
Update: 90 Day Labs. High E. Input Welcome
TRT Labs. Need to Manage E2
Help with High SHGB and Low DHEA
26 Y/O, Considering TRT After Labs and Symptoms
Hormones Blood Work, Help
Help with Lab Results?
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