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Honestly, I am disappointed that the forum did not convert to vBulletin. It’s much more user friendly and really overall a significantly better platform with an insane amount of customization.

However, I work in IT so I live in the real world and realize that maybe cost/experience would prohibit such a change.

Really though, I’ll still use the forums the same and it’s just a first world problem and all that really matters is the supplements and articles.

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Hey, so sorry to revive this topic, but I think I found a new bug in the software here. It looks like I can change the titles of topics that I didn’t create (as demonstrated by the new title of this thread). Don’t know if this is unique to me specifically or universal.

Um, yeah no, that’s not supposed to happen. I’ll have the team check it.

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Chris, I’ve been posting for years as biker with my personal email address. About 5 months ago a glitch somewhere prevented me from logging on. I was only able to log on by using my office email; both email addresses come to my computer. I had to elect a new moniker for the office email address; I kept sending my personal email address to get a new password for biker moniker, but no response except that my personal email address was getting “confirmed” each time . About a month later I tried again with personal email and I finally got a change password link that I used and problem ended. Until last week when same thing happened.
Your website is “confirming” my personal email but not sending a change password link.