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T NATION formulates elite-level supplements under the BIOTEST ® brand to support the goals of the programs we publish and the athletes and lifters we train. Our client list isn’t made public, but it’s widely known we supplied the sports nutrition that fueled Bradley Cooper’s 39-pound transformation into the beefy Chris Kyle role in American Sniper and Matt Damon’s super-shredded body development for the Jason Bourne character. So ask questions about which BIOTEST® supplements are best for your goals and budget.

Can I stack alpha male, p-well and corbolin 19 together

We don’t recommend it. It’s unnecessary because there’s a full dose of Carbolin 19 forskolin carbonate in Alpha Male.

Tim, I see in your post that you don’t recommend stacking Alpha male and Carbolin 19. Is there any loss of effect going off the Carbolin 19 on the 5/2 day cycle that is recommended for Alpha Male. What I have been doing is taking two Alpha Male tablets per day, and two Carbolin 19 per day(one each in the morning and one each in the afternoon) M-F. Sat and Sunday I have not been taking the Alpha Male but have been taking the Carbolin 19 two capsules twice per day. Is this not needed and is it overkill?

Currently use /take whey, creatine, xtend, fish oil, zinc, magnesium, D3.

Looking to maybe add Indigo 3G or Carbolin as I move forward with a mass gain phase.

I finished up a cut in September, basically maintained since then, gaining several pounds, now looking to make a serious push.

Budget-wise, maybe $100 a month max.

Hey Tim, are Biotest supplements NSF Certified for Sport?

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Apologies for the delay, but Biotest products are not NSF certified.