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About That...

Hmm, heres some food for thought for you.

I bought a �£70 bag of mega-ultra-whey protein for all the added extra, you know BCAAs etc. I got 10lb dry weight at 80% purity (80g protein per 100g).

Works out at Ã?£20 per KILO of pure protein (feel free to check the math i’m feeling pretty gassed today).

Chicken breasts is what, Ã?£12 per kilo? Beef about Ã?£7 kilo (rump). If they’re 25% protein, then yer paying 48quid for a KILO of protein from chucken? Ã?£28quid for a kilo of beef proteins.

I know protein shakes 'aint real food… it was literally the most expensive protein I could find too, so it SHOULDNT be bang-for-buck (but based on the above…).

Mix that with OATS and you got yerself cheap, convenient long term shit. Obviously you wouldnt base your WHOLE diet on this, but if you could sub one meal a day you’d be saving pennies.

As i said, food for thought. Foods fucking expensive these days…



[quote]chimera182 wrote:

Yup, protein powders are typically one of the most cost effective protein sources availabe.

This needed to be said to all?