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About Raw Eggs

About raw eggs in the morning??
I cant cook in cook in the morning .I read about omega-3 eggs and i was thinking to eat(2 eggs) them raw.But there are a lot of pll who say u shouldnt eat them raw.
First because of bacterial problem and second because of high level of advin.
Now some other say that these arent really issues to wary about:
First it wold be rare to find a egg with bacters.

Second if u eat both yolk and white no problem with biotin deficency(witch not shure but may cause problem in protein absorbition) will be created.
I actually wold like to eat them raw i think.So u want have to throw the yolk(witch has high nutritive values) and also u woud gain more prot from an egg.Also would add the omega-3 and not satured fat .

What do u think?
Anther raw eating option is pasteurized egg whites(seems better) .I read of them and actually it seems that there is no problem with bacters on them.What about advin?Is it true that pasteurized egg whites are absorbed as cooked egg whites?
Should I eat pasteurized egg whites in the morning?

Why are you unable to cook in the morning? It takes me all of four minutes to cook three eggs over medium, during which time I’m usually preparing other meals, catching up on news, or dreaming about Allison Stokke’s ass.

Besides the other stuff you listed, raw eggs give many people bad GI problems, including room-clearing farts bad enough to peel the wallpaper off the walls and kill house pets, explosive diarrhea, and nausea.

Seriously man, don’t make excuses. Just get up 5 minutes earlier and cook your eggs.

well it is rare to get sick from a raw egg but the chances are their. Also the bioavailiability you get from a raw egg is far less then if you actually cook them I dont know to much about the egg whites but I would venture to say you are better off cooking them too and if you cant cook have protein shake with some other source of fats like nuts or peanut butter

So no one knows about pasteurizzated eggs?i am asking if they have that advin porblem like normal raw eggs do.I know pasteureazzed eggs do not have bacteria problem.Really cant cook in the morning even if i want to so…need to find another way.

raw eggs will give you avidin (sp?) which will cause biotin to be bound up instead of released and might cause a biotin defiency. cooking deactivates teh avidin and solves this problem.