? about prosteriods

Ok I was wondering if I were to start taking prosteriods, after reaching my target goal, how much if any progress will be lost when cycling off?

Second ? was looking for a 5x5 training program and didn’t really see anything laid out, but did find the OVT program where it shows set/rep to be a 5x5… Is this correct or is there a diff. 5x5 program, And if I seem like I was being lazy and did not look hard enough I am sorry.

Retention of your gains is of course based on a lot of things. Make sure to maintane your calorie and protien intakes. Also, supplements like Methoxy help retain gains from a cycle and there are even posters on the steroid board who swear by it for retaining gains.

You also of course want to realign natural hormone levels as quicly as possible, so supplements like Tribex, Red Kat, and maybe M are really important although I would say Methoxy and Tribex are the most important depending on the length of your cycle, I usually don’t bother wiht M.

Most importantly though are always diet and training!

OVT is awesome for size and strenth gains especially when on a prohormone. There are variations to CT’s 5x5 OVT concept but they’re not near as effective as the original concept.