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about Prolab's Pure Whey

Just thought I’d throw a quick heads-up to anybody who uses Prolab products. I just ordered four jugs of their Pure Whey Chocolate. I’ve been using their stuff for years, so when I opened one of the jugs, I could tell by the smell that something was very different. It smelled NOTHING like chocolate. So I called Prolab and talked to a rep. Apparently, they’ve been experimenting with various reformulations and tastes. Thus, while the nutritional profile of the product is intact, the taste is horrible IMHO. He said they’ve been bombarded with inquiries and complaints about the taste. He also said that, although they’re working hard on improving the taste, the changes won’t filter through to consumers until most of the current jugs are gone.

I’m sending my unopened jugs back to Netrition for a refund, and I plan to use that money on some Grow!

So if you’re planning on buying some Prolab stuff, you may want to reconsider for nowt. Biotest’s price changes couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

I agree, thanks for the info.