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About PCT

Hi to all,
by now I’m on my 4th week of PCT after a 10weeks of:
test e 400/week
mast 400/week
primo 400/week

the PCT is:
week 1-3: nolva 20mg ED
week 4-5: nolva 10mg ED

I’m feeling good, I have “lost” some water and my general look it’s hardened.I haven’t lose any gain in strenght neither in mass (however I was on a high pro low cal diet during the cycle).

Do you think 5 weeks of PCT are enough? should I plan more weeks? How can I “verify” if I’m recovering?

how are your “boys”

If you are going to crash, with the ester you were using you should begin crashing any day.

Alot of guys find they are still making gains 3 weeks past their last injection then it quickly trails off.

You used a pretty good stack for recovery though so you may be o.k.

[quote]Dezz wrote:
how are your “boys”[/quote]

As always… In my 3 cycle I never suffered of “shrinkage”

I would say your pct should be sufficient. Add in a tribilus product at this point in time if you want some more added protection.
See Ya