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About mg/ml in Vials for a Cycle in the Future

So if one where to do a cycle of 500mg test e per week for 12 weeks, you would need a total of 6000mg test e.

If you were able to purchase 100mg per ml vials with 10 ml in each vial. That would give you a total of 1000mg per vial. Would that mean that one should buy 6 vials in total?

Just trying to get the math right, is it the norm to purchase that many vials for a cycle?

I’d buy 7. You’re never going to get each dose perfectly and will have some waste in needles. That way you will have a full dose at the end. With 6 you might end up with like 400 your last week. Wouldn’t be a big deal though. What’s your PCT look like?


That would largely depend on your source for the gear. My pharma grade Testosterone is always overfilled to ensure you’ll get at least 1ml (my doc only prescribes those silly 1 ml bottles). I can routinely pull 1.1 or 1.2 ml from every single one of them. UGL stuff on the other hand would be hit-or-miss depending on your source. A UGL would be more interested in filling as many vials as possible so I would expect them contain exactly (or less) of what they claim to be. Then you also would have to question the whether the batch was under dosed as well. I would take @jackolee advice and order extra just in case.


Always have one extra vial. They’re made of glass, glass breaks easily, and even the most careful person drops things occasionally.


jackolee is exactly right. Definitely get an extra vial.


Thank you for the reply’s, ill make sure to get an extra vial when purchasing :slight_smile:

As for PCT, i think i will be using nolvadex, i am able to purchase it without a prescription where i live.

I have a few more questions now;
1.) Is there anyway to test the quality of the testosterone before using it?

2.) How should the vials be kept as to not ruin the contents?

3.) Do you buy needles for every pin? (as in pinning 2 times per week for 12 weeks = 24 needles)

  1. Not at home
  2. Best kept a room temp out of the sunlight
  3. Yes in fact I draw with one and pin with another. So I use two needles for each dose. I recommend using a 22 or 23g to draw and then swap tips to a 25g to pin. 25g 1" works pretty universally for all areas IMO
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The best you can do commercially with regard to testing your gear is to purchase a test kit that will identify the specific compound you’re testing. It will not however tell you the concentration of the compound. Since you’re talking about Testosterone (and it’s relatively cheap) it’s unlikely someone would substitute another compound in it’s place; they would be more apt to under dose the gear or even worse include no testosterone at all. The tester would only help you in the latter example.

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Thank you, appreciate the knowledge :slight_smile:

sorry to hijack are there legit tests to verify purity ?

If by purity you’re referring to being able to tell the amount of contaminants then yes there is…it’s doubtful you’re going to want to pay for mass spectronomy tests on a $30 bottle of Testosterone but in theory it could be done.

If you’re buying from a UGL then they should have past tests of their raws available. If they don’t then they’re not a good source. If they’re a major source then chances are high that someone has sent the stuff to anabolic lab and there are test results for purity, concentration, etc.

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fair enough thank you iron!!