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Hellow fellow T-Nation members. This right here will be my very first post in any of the forums. I guess really just an introduction and background on myself. The purpose really is just to share my experience in my not so intelligent, semi relentless pursuit of muscle.

So first and foremost a little background on myself. I recently turned 21 years old this past summer. I started lifting approximatly seven months ago ,which at the time I was five foot nine maybe ten and 140 lbs. The previous year for me had kind of been very shitty for me. I was in a bad place and probably depressed.

My life had kinda seemed to hit a sort of rock bottom when at this point I started talking to a girl who was friends with my sister. My sister had told her I was a fit and an inshape guy which I had been and kinda was then. I mean my sister had seen me when I was like 7 % bf in highschool when I used to wrestle. Anyways I felt an expectation had been placed upon me so I started hitting the gym up again five times a week and I havent looked back since. Honestly this endeavor has possibly been the most fulfilling and satisfying ambition I have ever embarked on.

So when I first first started lifting my lifts were pathetic now there only semi pathetic but this is what the big three looked like in the begining.

Bench: 185 lbs if even that I can't really remember.
Deadlift:225 lbs: Never trully found my max out in the begining
Squat: 225: Also never really found out my max.

Needless to say I was a frail little thing.

Here is a general schedual that I followed then and still do now with a few modifications. I lifted and still do Sunday through Thursday. I am including the weight I move now.

Monday: Legs
Squat: 135x10,135x10,225x66,250x6,275x6,275x6
Quad Extensions: 90x15,135x12,160x12,180x8,205x4: Done with machince that takes olympic plates
Hamstringcurls: 90x15,115x12,115x8,90x10: Also done with olympic plates
Calf raises with leg press: 180x25, 180x20, 180x15, 180x10

I also do a fifth exercise but that varies from week to week.

Tuesday: Chest

Incline Dumbell: 70x12, 75x8, 80x5,85x5
Flat Dumbell:70x8, 75x8,80x8, 85x5
Incline Dumbell Flys: 40x15,40x15,45x15,50x10
Decline machine press thing: 180x8, 180x8, 205x5,205x5
Dips(with emphasis on pecs): four sets with as many as I can do, usually 35-45,30-40,25,25

Wensday: Arms

Dumbell Curls: 45x8, 45x8, 40x8,40x8
Tricep Kickback: 40x15, 45x15,45x15,40x15
Standing Preacher Curl: 85x10,85x10,85x8, 75x12
Tricept Pushdown: 110x25,120x20,130x15,140x10
Cobras: 65x12,65x12,55x12,50x10 This is a cable exercise were it looks like your doing a double bicep pose put you straigten your arms out all the way and try to bring them in like your going to hit your head.
Dips: As many as I can in four sets with emphasis on triceps usually 35-45,30-40,25,25
Seated Hammer curls: I do with weight varying from 20 lbs to 45 lbs this is my last bicep exercise and I do as many as I can then I do about ten more for a reall good burn.
DumbellWristCurls: 45x10,40x10,40x10,35x20

Thursday: Back

Widegrip pull ups: 10,10,10,10,10,10: Sometimes I do 20 first then the rest ten. I also do an additional 40 reps throughout the rest of my workout.
Deadlift: 135x15,225x5,275x5,315x5
Cable Rows: 160x10,150x10,140x10,130x8
Dumbell Pullovers: 70x10, 75X10,80x10,85x10
Dumbell Shrugs: 70x15,75x15,80x10,85x10

Sunday: Shoulders

Shoulder press/pushpress: 135x8,135x8,135x6, 135x as many as I can do. The last set I do as a pushpress and try to get as many banged out as possible.
Alternating dumbell front raises: 35x10, 40x10,45x10, 30x as many as I can do.
Lateral Raises: 20x15, 35x10,35x8,30x8
Standing dumbell Shoulder Press: 50x10,55x10,60x8,65x8
Arnold Press: 35x10, 40x10, 45x8,50x8

The weight I put up on a lot of these lifts often fluctuates depending on the order in which I complete these exercises. I have stopped doing cardio since I am trying to bulk up and I have also stopped doing abdominal work for now because I got so burnt out doing it all the time. I guess what I should address next is my diet and supplementation.

My diet is far from perfect. I try to eat between 4 and six meals a day. I roughly count calories and I try to hit 3500 a day or more. I eat fast food probably three to four times a week which is horrible. In addition to what I eat I take two whey protein shakes with one and a half scoops in them and creatine thrown in there. I take the animal vitamin pack in the morning with my shake and then in the evening I take two fish oil tablets and two glucosomine tablets with my evening shake.

Ok so I am kinda tired of typing so I am gonna try to load up some photos as well.


Heres some more photos for ya


Heres some more dont know why I cant do more then one at a time.


here are my wee little girl legs.


even more phots.


Welcome to the forums bro.


Thanks very much evolv. I am glad to be here.


Welcome to the freakshow. And get some clippers and trim your belly hair. It looks like you rubbed poo on your stomach. jk but not really. Otherwise good work!


Anyone who types as much as you obviously doesn't spend enough time with fork in hand.


Captnoblivious: I have been meaning to buy some clippers I have lost my old ones so I kinda have gone a little natural. Although winter is approaching and I wouldnt mind having the extra coat. For extra warmth you know. Haha

JayPierce: You are 100% right I should eat more and I would love to eat more. Unfortunatly that is the most difficult part for me. I am a fulltime college student who often works 30 to 40 hour work weeks so getting in the calories can pose somewhat of a challenge sometimes. Although the correlation between the ammount I typed and calorie intake eludes me. Next time I will post an abridged version for you.


LOL, I was just bustin your chops. I read your whole post and you seem to be on the right track, just don't be afraid to eat more. I know you want to keep a low body fat %, but if you want more muscle, you're gonna have to put in more fork time.

Focus more on getting your rowing numbers up. I knew from your pictures that your back was weak in comparison to your chest, and your numbers confirm it. Move the pullups to later in the session, and put Bent Rows in first. Keep deads where they are. You can leave out the cable rows (bc of the bent rows), and use straight-arm pulldowns instead of pullovers (targets the lats more, triceps less). Like this:

  1. Bent Row - a few warm-up sets ramping up to your working weight, then hit your three work sets. Don't be afraid to use a little leg drive to get the weight moving.

  2. Deadlift - work up to a heavy single, double or triple. Don't go too heavy too often, that's where most guys go wrong. Staying within 90% of your max for the selected rep count is optimal.

  3. Pullups - strap on some weight and take it for a ride. Work up to a 5RM.

  4. Straight-arm pulldown - This will finish your lats off nicely. Higher reps here, 3x8-12.

  5. Shrugs - I would personally put these on shoulder day, but they fit just fine for back day. Go as heavy as you can and focus on squeezing the traps at the top.

The first day you try it, you'll thank me. You'll find that you're stronger at rowing than you thought, mainly because you've been tiring yourself out with all those pullups.

The next day, you'll probably curse my name. It's OK, I'm used to it.

In three months, when you take some more progress pics, you'll really thank me, because you'll have the upper and middle traps to match your lower traps.


I will try that variation in back routine. I do believe your right the pull ups are a bit excessive in the start of my workout. They were an issue for me when I first started because I was impressed if I could do five proper ones. Now that that is no longer an issue I should focus on other aspects. I never really like the bent row because it felt like I never was achieving anything with it. I could not feel the muscle working so I avoided it but that was a long time ago. In regards to eating more. I try I really do. I dont care about bf at all right now. I have figured that if you have the dedication to gain the type of size that I am aspiring to gain then you should certainly have the dedication to cut when the time comes.

Key concerns with me right now are my bicep, forearm and calve devolopment. The forearm and calves for obvious reasons are difficult but I cannot understand why my bicep routine produces minimal increases in size and gain in comparison to the rest of the gains seen elsewhere. I have heard several times that isolation work for bicep is pointless. I thought about it wondered how many compound movements can you do to really develop the bicep. A few but not many. That may well be limitations of my own ignorance. But anyways I started focusing on developing my forearms because I heard the logical arguement, I believe in one of the articles on here, that large biceps will follow after having had significant forearm growth. I have had no luck granted I have only been doing forarm specific excercises for three or four weeks now varying between four to eight sets.


A little leg drive comes in handy. You're not going to be able to use a heavy enough weight for maximum stimulation if you don't use some leg drive off the bottom. Just enough to get it moving, and then pull with your elbows, trying to accelerate the bar into your belly button. If you use a weight belt for them, use the buckle as a target and try to hit it as hard as possible.

Biceps are a problem for a lot of us, myself included. I started seeing much better results when I went to two days a week for biceps, one heavy and one for as much of a pump as I can get.

Absolute bullshit. But you already knew that.

Impressive forearms and grip strength are probably the most underrated training aspects. I see way too many people limited by their grip strength. How are you supposed to focus tension on your biceps or lats when you're struggling to hang on to the weight? Do you really want to use straps as a crutch for the rest of your lifting career?

Besides, your forearms are the most visible part of your arms. It only makes sense to pour some extra effort into the one thing that people see most.


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good job on improving lift numbers. just keep lifting heavy and eating and you'll reach your goals


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