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About MAG 10.


Hello fellas!
I am looking for some advise about MAG 10. I am buying the MAG10 package and I would like to know several things. I am full of questions even I already read the material about that, but it is the best to know the real results from people who already have some cyclers with it. Well, here I go...

This is the first time I will use such a products, due to I have some projects to do and I need to gain some muscle mass. I have trained for 5 years and I think I look ok, but I would like to weight more. My measures are: 85 kilograms, 16% BF, 185 cm tall and 28 years old.

My questions about MAG 10 are:
1. MAG 10 leads to absorb water in muscles??? this is something I wanna avoid.
2. What about skin complications or sort of secundary effects??? I know every person is different, but experiences are the best!
3. What is neccessary for better results??? stak with something from the same company???
4. Diggestive problems???
5. The quality of the muscles is good, I mean, hard appereance or soft!! "o(

I know about exercising and nutrition, so, you do not need to tell me about that... will be ease!!! hehehehe... If you consider to add solthing important I am missing, please do not hesitate to do it.

These comments will help me to know more about this product, i mean in the realistic perspetive.

Thank you very much.



Why do you want to avoid this? This is a very good thing.

If you're talking about possible acne, etc., then yes, this is definitely possible. It's obviously an individual thing as some break out and others don't. Marc McDougal suggests very high dose milk thistle to combat breakouts. It works.

You needn't stack it with anything. Just make sure you're diet is spot on and that you're getting adequate protein, carbs, calories and PWO nutrition. You will want to consider your recovery though and that is where you may want to look into some other products.

I've never heard of this.

This is more an issue of your bodyfat than anything. If you're 'smooth' you're going to look soft no matter what. If you're very lean, and you train heavy, you'll look hard.

  1. The mag10 will cause some water retention as well as will your diet which should be high protein, carb, calorie, etc (See the "Growth Surge Project"), however this will be gone shortly after the cycle.

  2. No skin complications, nothing else. Mag10 will shut down endogenous testosterone levels to a larger extent the longer you are "on" which is why 2 week cycles are recommended. Other than that there is not much chance of side affects typically associated with most AAS's or prohormones, etc.

  3. You'll want to eat big during the cycle (See Growth Surge Project article) and continue afterward to help you keep your gains. You'll also want to recover endogenous testosterone levels as quickly as possible to help retain your gains, so pick up some Tribex, M, and or RedKat and use once you FINISH the cycle.

  4. No

You'll want to do a search for futher info. I'm assuming your protein intake is fine and that you have some Grow or other protein to help you acheive it.

Try 1 to 1.5 doses per day for two weeks since this is your first cycle.


Water in the muscles? If you're asking, will it bloat you like certain androgens? No. In terms of sides you may notice oiler skin (I didn't) and maybe a few zits here and there. I'd say this is if you are predisposed to having acne, if you are chances it will be worse when on. Using products that contain salic acid tend to help as do washing 2-3 times a day, tanning, drinking lots of water, and eating clean. The original formula (liquid) left a taste in my mouth worse than dirty ass, which kinda bothered my stomach sometimes (nothing too serious). The capsules will certainly solve that problem. I don't see any merit in stacking since it already is a stack in itself. BTW methoxy, tribex/ Kat, M will help solidify your gains and harden you up (if you gain a little fat). If you are looking for hard lean gains then I'd say your diet and training would be the main determining factor.


Thanks fellas for your information. I will buy these products right now with M, Tribex or Red kat. I will try one of those three. I do not have much problems with acne but i will try tthe advise from thunder.

Agathos and Wideguy, thanks a lot for your info, at least, this is what i wanna know.
Best regards and Merry Xmas!

Alejo CZ