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about mag-10..!!!

hi there guys, i have i question about the mag-10 cycle.?? i’m planning to use mag-10 and have read the recommendations about how to use it…but about the 2 weeks recovery cycle i have found “bulgarian tribulus” from ultimate nutrition each capsule contains 750mg of tribulus terrestris…and instead of the M anti-estrogen/testosterone-support formula because i couldn’t find any i thought of using a product called prostate support that contains saw palmetto berry extract 750mg per sernving…so is it fine to use these instead of the recommended ones…coz it’s really hard for me to find them…and how much of each should i be taking…plz help…and if u have any other recommendations plz do so…and thanxx very much…

If you can’t get Tribex, don’t bother with tribulus at all. How can you get ahold of MAG-10 and not be able to get Tribex/M?

From personal experience, I will tell you that I purchased a bottle of trib from the Superstore up here in Canada and took what was equivalent to the same recommended dose of Tribex, just to try it out. I don’t know what my test levels are normally and I didn’t get them checked while on the stuff, but this is how it went: Day 1-5, nothing different. During this time, I began to forget was even taking it, even though I religiously took it twice a day. Day 5-10, horny as a wild dog. I couldn’t stop getting wood and was waking up during the night under the big top. I found myself with more energy and better workouts. Day 10-21 nothing unusual, kind of how I felt for the first 5 days.

Conclusion- it seemed to work, but not as strong as Tribex did for me, but I did get something nonetheless. I don’t buy into the idea that all trib supps except Tribex are useless, just maybe not as potent (although I think some are completely bogus). If you can’t afford Tribex and want to take your chances, I wouldn’t recommend it, but you might want to experiment before your MAG-10 cycle and try to find one that helps.

Your post wasn’t clear - but the recovery phase supplements are only necessary if repeating with another cycle of MAG-10.

actually, yes…i am planning in going for a second cycle of mag-10 , so what do u think about the recovery phase…should i be talking those supps or just skip it…??? i also have another question regarding training… i’m now doing the train,eat,grow program from the IRONMAN magazine… so should i continue on it with the mag or should i do the recommended program…???