About Jeff McCarrell

I was at the FAME show when someone handed me a Nutrex Research catalog. I stuffed it in my bag, then sauntered away. To make a long story short, I came across this claim.

Jeff McCarrell: Jeff has been involved in Sports Nutrition industry for nearly 15 years. Jeff’s experience has been with such companies as EAS, MET-Rx, Pinnacle, Biotest and VPX.

Biotest !!!.. ding ding ding. My spidey senses started tingling.

Jeff McCarrell and Jens Ingenohl founded and developed Nutrex Research.
And I was curious as to what your opinion would be about Jeff and his company. Good? Bad? Stay away Bad? How did Jeff contibute to Biotest? Or did he? Are the products any good? They seem to have a rather large marketing engine. Was curious about LIPO-6 as well… but it didn’t stop me from ordering 2 bottles of HOT-ROX.