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About Homemade Fat Grips

today I kept a good friend of mine in a big sportmarket as he wanted to buy some iron to start lifing after a 11 ys break ,walking in lifting section I took a look to the bench with leg-extension movement…the footpads/rollers get a perfect outside diameter and also inner diameter seems to fit bbs&dbs,footpads density was hard/tough,so i asked to the clerk if is it possible to buy just the footpads/roller; "yes sir,4 rollers 3 bucks " :slight_smile:
slided it easily into my bb,they stay in place, did bis curl and they work.
asap I try it with bench press,shrugs and rows.
hope it helps…

used the fatties for incline bb benching and close grip flat bench,they work,it has been weird benching with them but no problem at all with close grip for tris,now i 'll slide the other pair of fatties into my dbs


“Pussy pad” for squats might work, too.

Scratch that, the pussy pad would probably slide on a barbell, possibly leading to injury.

have to say that my rollers stay in place over the bb, it’s quite a pain in the ass move them closer for tris benching…
used yesterday for standing MP,all ok but lifting the bb from “save-life bars” of my bench to my chest was quite difficult as my grip is noticeble weaker (I know, it’s time for a rack LOL)