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If I start exercising with grippers, will it help me achieving healthier wrists? Or will it only affect hands and forearms?


Your wrists are really just bone and cartilage, not much muscle there to grow. Grippers will develop crushing strength that may also help you hold heavy weight.
I'm not sure what you mean by "healthier wrists" but it won't hurt to build up the surrounding muscles and tendons. If you're having wrist issues then a variety of exercises, stretches and mobility work may be in order.

BTW, the Captains of Crush grippers are the balls!



What I really need is stronger, more stable wrists.

I've always had more flexible than normal joints and they are the cause of the pain for me. For example, when I started to have pain in my shoulder, I started doing flexibility work for them. It only aggravated the pain. When I saw a physiologist, he told me my scapulae muscles and other muscles were too flexible, causing a lack of support. Now since I re-started kickboxing, I'm experiencing the same thing with my wrists and ankles, which always were too flexible and prone to sprains.


A leverage bar might help your wrists more than grippers.


And what would that be? The short handle things for forearm training?


Yes. I'm no expert, though. I'm not sure it would actually help you, so research more before you plunk down money for one.


it will help with your crushing strength. it will help with hand and forearm strength and should help your wrists to some extent but for more direct wrist work I would do

Wrist rollers and leverage bar work.

Check out this article http://www.T-Nation.com/readArticle.do?id=1411503


You can make one easy. Take any kind of bar, attach any kind of weight on one side and wrap the other end with tape for tennis rackets or bike handlebars.

If you're looking for strong stable wrists, work with this kind of tool will be better for you than grippers. Might as well do both though since you can do a solid wrist workout in front of the TV and not even need a shower afterward.


You can even use a sledge hammer for a lever bar


Thanks a lot guys for your imputs. I just filled an old bottle of vodka with water and using it as a leverage bar. It's not very heavy but I can still feel it after 20 reps or so. I'll try something else.

After all, it's simple, use something that has a grip and is relatively heavy. I don't see the need to buy something to do that.