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This is off topic, but that’s my least favorite thing in the world regarding gyms. If you’re going to bother to own a gym, buy some heavy damn dumbbells.

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I guess I’m totally wrong. I always thought Gold’s Gym was pretty hardcore. I’ve never been or anything but I’ve heard from some ppl. (I train at home). O well, gold’s sucks then lol.


You really can’t make that statement. People usually say 24 Hour Fitness sucks, yet the one I used to go to is basically the best gym I have ever been to. The Gold’s in my area is the worst gym I have been to considering they decided to gear it towards “family fitness”…which means no heavy weights, no loud noises, no really muscular people pushing weight bigger than average, no chalk, no complaining about Alanis Morissette playing on the loud speaker in a continuous loop of “Isn’t It Ironic”, no testicles, and finally, no dumbbells over 80lbs.[/quote]

Can you get a one or two day guest pass? Test drive the gym. After a few workouts you will know if you want to be there.

In response to the original question, Gold’s Gyms vary a great deal from location to location. I workout at the one in Garland, TX, and it is both terrible and great. It’s terrible in the sense that almost no one there has a clue - nothing hardcore about it - just lots of curling with bad form going on.

On the other hand, this is what makes it great - there’s never any waiting to use the power-rack. Overall, it’s a decent tradeoff between location, cost, not being too crowded and allowing me to lift from the floor without a hassle.

I have been to three in Mass and 2/3 were pretty good. The Natick one that I belong to has plenty of free weights and two sets of DBs that go up to around 150ish but doesn’t have bumper plates or chalk available.

The Milford one that Strongman belongs to is great, chalk in a bowl, bumpers, plenty of DBs and over half of it is free weights. The music is even different on each side.

The Ashland one on the other hand is the worst ever. All you can hear in the entire place is the mind numbing wisper of eliptical machines. Even the slightest tap of plates sound like a cannon. The squat rack is just horrible and the lighting is wicked strange. Toss in some random guys curling in the squat rack with a whole 65lbs and there you have it. Crap gym for crap workouts.

Each gym is its own thing. Good luck in finding a good one

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… People usually say 24 Hour Fitness sucks …[/quote]

you don’t say? tell me more!

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