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About Farmer's Walks


Which is supposedly easier,doing them with DBs or custom made farmer's walk bars?

Another question,here is a vid of me doing the walks with only 100+lb DBs.Am I leaning forward too much? Is this bad form?


I've always found with farmers, if you lean forward and pick up speed you get stapled to the ground.

I've done walks with 70kg per hand on proper handles and 50kg 'bells. I reckon I could walk for longer in a straigth line with the handles, turning's a nightmare compared to bells tho I've found.


Farmer's bars are way the hell easier, provided they're not incredibly thick and rubbing against your legs.

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about form with dumbbells. 47.5 kilos/hand is a joke if you're actually wanting to do this for strongman competitions. I'm not saying that to be an ass, but just to give you perspective. I mean, most lightweight (231 bodyweight and under) comps have 100 kilos per hand, for about 100 feet with turns - and even that's light.

Hanley, when you turn, try putting the right hand slightly forward of the left (if you're turning left). This way you can push the left one into the right at the end of the turn and straighten them out.


Handles are much easier than dumbbells. Handles only "pull" down with gravity, whereas the dumbbells can roll out of your palms.

Mr, T is dead on regarding form with dumbbells -- it's not important. Dumbbells aren't going to swing and sway and pull you around. Once you use actual farmer's handles, you'll see how different it is from dumbbells.


So is it correct to say that you can use more weight using FW bars instead of DBs?

I can do farmer's walks using 50kg DBs,is it possible to attain 75kg in 4 months time?(My country's strongman qualifiers is in early Feb 2008 and it utilizes 75kg FW bars...The actual event is in late March 2008 and 85kg FW bars are used)


You could likely do those now. What you wont be able to be used to and is hard with the FW implements compared to the DB';s like said above is turning. You really need to get your hands on some farmer walks and practice



The implements for my gym are not ready yet,in the meantime,I can use 2 barbells for the walks?


With barbells you will have problems balancing the bar. Also, you will still have the same "rolling" problem as the dumbbells.