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About F8ckin Time


squartz 5x5 at 165
bent bb rows 5x5 at 145
incline bench 5x5 at 155
dips bodyweight 15 5x5
preacher curlz


sqawtz 5x5 170

deadlifts 1x5 135
1x3 185
1x3 205
1x3 225
1x5 255

decline bench 5x5 210

Really studied Riptoes Starting Strength, it made sense the way he explained that with the deadlift you are transferring power through the trunk to traps and down into the arms. It’s sad but previously i was having issues because my obliques/lats felt strained during the lift as this is how I was initiating the first half the pull while the second half i utilized the hamstrongs. Today I made sure, I initiated the pull with my quads narrowing the knee angle, than hip angle. Felt no pain in the lats/obliques. Going to try and read starting strength front to back and take notes over the weekend.


squats 5x5 175
OH Press 5x5 145 --> really struggled with technique going to drop it to 115 lbs and work back up trying to make sure the technique is there
Flat bench 5x5 175
Rack Lockouts 5x5 225
Hilarious GHR’s, can’t do them very well right now!


Squats 5x5 180
Bent over BB Rows 5x5 145
Incline BB Press 5x5 160

Thinking that I’ll hammer the rest of the month out and switch to a new program, it will have been a solid three months with no deviation and getting kinda bored, maybe Texas Method, maybe 5,3,1 will be investigating shortly.


Squats 5x5 185
Decline Bench 5x5 215
Dips 3x5 + 20 lbs


squats 5x5 190
OH Press 5x5 115
Flat Bench 5x5 180


squat 5x5 195
1 x 5 at 135
1 x 3 at 185
1 x 3 at 225
1 x 5 at 275
Incline Bench 5x5 at 165

Funny story. Went hunting, last day of deer season in my area. So we head 30 k up the river to a 7 kilometre long island. Boat starts puttering and stalls 200 metres from our destination. We row it the rest of the way to shore, keep in mind its a 2 ton jet boat. Dick around with the engine and realize that condensation built up in the fuel tank from being outside since the end of salmon season in September. We don’t have any tools or any methyl hydrate so we head to the other side of the island five kilometres away, cannot find a socket set walk back to the boat and it starts snowing. Build a god damn survivor man shelter. Needless to say, spent the night in rain/sleet under a cedar bough structure… The parents showed up in the morning thankfully… I missed two days of work though!! No beer the entire fucking time because liquor stores don’t open until 9 am and we didn’t kill anything.
angry cowboy


Squats 5x5 200lbs
OH Press 5x5 120lbs
Flat BP 5x5 185lbs

Dude came up to me today and said I have some nice squats. Typically, I wouldn’t think much of this as my gym is full of pussies. But, this guy was powercleaning 225 with good form. Felt good!


Squats 3x5 205
1x3 205

Knee was inflamed at the end, and limped on home like a baby


squat 5x5 205 --> hit the motherfucker
1 x 5 at 135
1 x 3 at 225
1 x 1 at 245
1 x 5 at 280
Incline Bench 5x5 170


Day 1 Monday, December 27, 2010

Squartz 210 3x5
Overhead Press 125 3x5
Incline Bench Press 175 3x5

Hill Sprints 5 minutes

Foam roll/Static Stretching 15 minutes

Perfect amount of volume to be able to run stairs tomorrow.


Had energy so went for another seshion today.


bar 5x4
95 lbs 5x3

20 mins of HIIT on recumbant bike


Day 2 Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ran the little stairs x5

Went to the gym for a few and practiced powercleans

bar 5x3
95lbs 5x3


This entire time I’ve actually been doing hang cleans not power cleans so replace power cleans in the previous posts. Fuck they are fun. Was having pains in my biceps since monday after the hang cleans and watched a video which was ridiculously helpful. I realized I haven’t been turning my elbows out and instead have been using my biceps to partially rip up the bar. While the guy in the video may be kind of stumpy, he offers a consise explanation of hang cleans.

Check it out:


Hang Cleans (Just trying to get technqiue will probably stick with these approximate weights)
bar 2x3
95 3x3

Pull Ups (Three sets to failure, will shoot for 3x6 next time)

decline ab crunch/twist things with 10 lbs (Didn’t like this so will research better movement)
3 x 12

Dips +10 lbs (was trying for three sets of 8, will get it next time)

Hammer Curls 35 lbs (will shoot for 3x10 next time)

Hill Sprints on the treadmill for 6 minutes; surprisingly, these were ‘rough’ on incline 10 and speed 7. Felt great though. I’m enjoying brief but hasty ‘conditioning’ (I no longer refer to aerobic activity as cardio)

Long post I know, but one more brief note. I am toying with the idea of a strong man/sprints day on the weekend as time permits. I have a keg, a big ass railroad tie, and can probably put together some sand bags to throw in a duffle bag.

Holidays are sweet.


Felt like going to the Jim and had the tyme.

Hang Cleans
stripped bar 2x3
95 lbs 3x3

Pull Ups

20 minutes steady state recumbant bike

30 minutes dynamic/static stretches and foam rolling

stoked for tomorrow. feels like forever since I’ve squatted, really its only been since monday. Long days and pleasant nights folks.


Squat 3x5 at 215 lbs

1x5 at 135 lbs
1x3 at 225 lbs
1x5 at 285 lbs (weak grip, didn’t lock out the last one properly)

Flat Bench Press 3x5 at 190 lbs


Squats 220

OH Press 130

Didn’t do the incline, by this time my shoulder and bicep were in a lot of pain.

Ran hill sprints and called it a day.

My work outs seem to be stagnating as evidenced by my log in the past 3 weeks. I think Mr. Wendler has won and that I will be purchasing 5/3/1.

I also noticed that since incorporating cleans into my workouts my shoulders/biceps have been bugging me regularly. I’m clearly doing something wrong and will try and figure this out before hitting anymore hang cleans. Back to work tomorrow. Long days and pleasant nights.



1x5 135
1x3 185
1x3 225
1x3 275
1x3 285



Chinups/Dips done back to back, no rest.

Ran stairs after did 5 runs up the big stairs (9 flights). Just puked out blue gatorade all over my lawn. Time to watch Canucks game.


The Nation is running slow, don’t like this new format!

The press
bar x some
1 x 10 at 95 lbs
3 x 5 at 135

Wide grip pull ups

Underhand Bent over BB rows (First time using this exercise it was ok)
1 x 5 at 95
1 x 5 at 115
1 x 5 at 135

Ran stairs 5 times (did not puke)

Great day really enjoying doing one of the big liftz a day. Feel much more capable/more energy.

My calfs are fucked from Wednesday’s stair seshion, really felt like they were going to fall off and could barely foam roll 'em… Sweet. Next week, I’m going to do the stairs with my external frame backpack packed.

Tomorrow I guess some sprints/keg throws?/ presses with railroad ties in the back yard. Time to do some weird conditioning shit. Any insane conditioning suggestions are appreciated.


Made sweet farmer handles. Took 5 gallon paint pails, two bags of concrete and heavy duty rope. Tie the rope around a piece of wood to creat handles, stuck them in the bottom of the buckets and filled them with concrete. The bags say they make 55 lbs of concrete, but they feel way heavier than that? I’ll try and get pics they’re cool. Letting them set for the second night and will run around in them in the snow after squats tommorow.


Bench Press
1x10 at 135
3x5 at 195

Hang Cleans
bar x some
4 x 3 at 95 lbs

15 mins of steady state bike

15 mins of stretch/foam roll