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How many rep is the upper limit reps each time frame? I usually do 120-150 reps every 20 minutes.Is it too much? I wonder that the best reps range of EDT training.


120-150 is about twice as many as the target range.

Sound like you are underestimating you're strength. Typical target reps are 50-75, so you are literally doubling what the average target range is. Sounds like you could increase the weight by like 20-25% next time.

I'm probably mistaken though, I have to ask Charles about this. Usually when I think I know the answer, I ask him and I am 180 from the answer...I have a feeling he'll probably say, "no big deal, just keep bumping the weight up, as long as you are increasing reps or weight everytime out all is well"


People get different reps ranges. Personally, I usually get around 90 or so, give or take. But most people set the weight so that they only get around 60.

Off the top of my head, I'd say that 120-150 is probably too high - i.e., you're not using enough weight. But hey, if it's working for you like that, stay with it. The only thing that really matters is what works for you.



Is that 120-150 for one exercise of a block or for both exercises of the block?

IF the number is for both exercises then you are a little above where you should be and should increase weight. Obviously, if you are with one exercise you need to increase weight.

When I do my EDT workouts I shoot for 50 reps per exercise per block. That always kept growth going for me. Just me two cents.


I had a phone interview with Charles and he said shoot for 50- 75 reps per exercise.

Eg: Tricep extensions @ 75lbs, total reps 50- 75

but chin ups are the hardest i have found i can get only 47 reps, but i have decided to try and get to 50 reps then add weight.

So On phase one the minimum reps per body part would be 100 reps and maximum would be 150 reps to make the programme effective.

Thanks guys
Aussie bloke's two cents worth



like yourself, I have(had) trouble with the pull/chin portion of edt.

as you know, you do 5-6 reps of something you can do for 10-12 reps. Well, for me, doing 10-12 pull/chins is a fairly easy, so I figure, what the heck, do bw and it'll work out.

Well, my first run out, I only manage 28 chins in my first PR zone. lame...

So anyways, I adjusted down to three reps for my chins with 5 reps on db bench(which is the first PR on my chest back day) and voila, I went to 38 reps in the PR zone. Bottom line for me is, to attain a high number of chins, I can't do them in sets of 5, i need to do sets of 3-4.

It's all about the fatigue pattern I guess, make me really want to get one of the Tendo sports fitrodyne units.

Anyhow, moral of the story is, I just finished my 6th edt chest back workout and went from 28 chins in the first workout to 54 in this last one. That's an almost 100% improvement in 6 weeks. I'm very satisfied to say the least.

One thing I'm going to ask Charles based on this is, is it ok to take a pause in your set,or do the reps just have to be cranked right out. for example, I'm doing 3 reps chin followed by 5 reps db bench. Could I do maybe 3 chins, rest a few seconds then do another 2 chins, then back to the bench.

i'll report back.



Since you guys are talking about EDT, I thought I?d ask some quick questions. Later on in the year I intend to give EDT a go. I thought about combing convergent phase training with EDT. This would entail using 3 core exercises per week and then do EDT. Example: Workout 1) - Hang Clean, then 2 x PR Zones. Have you guys tried this, and how would you split the PR Zones up per workout?


I do 120-150 reps every exercise each time frame.In other words,I almost 500 reps per workout. for example,chest/biceps day, first 20m time frame:machine press,12*10; DB curl 10*10,2*8(because fatigue).second 20m time frame: DB flye,15*10;EZ-BAR preacher curl,15*10. I think that reps is too much. I will decrease reps and add some weight.but to me surprised,my muscle grow very well,especially arms vein is more clear. You should try it.



EDT calls for you to take your 10rm or 12rm and do it 5 to 6 reps, respectively. On your last sets of your time limit you should only be getting 3-4 reps.


Thanks guys,
Yeah I thought EDT was using 10RM for 5reps aswell. Anyway do/have you guys tried it with a core exercise followed by the EDT training. My thoughts would be as follows:
Day 1) Core - Bench
EDT - Chest and Biceps

Day 2) Core - Squat
EDT - Quads and Hams

Day 3) Core - Clean
EDT - Back and Triceps

Abs done on every day.