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About Deca Durabolin

Hello T Nation Resident
I would like to have ur guys oppionion

  • Do u guys think running Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) as the 2nd cycle is a good choice ?
    : as i want to avoid the oral AAS ( due to hepatotoxic effect )
  • i hv been training for 6 years. Im 30 years old
    And im (Asian) 163cm/60kg
    6 years training give me quite gain of lean muscle mass, but lately (1 year) ive seen very slow progress : which i think i hit the plateu and thats why i wanna try to use abit of gear to help me increasing my size

My Goal is : to add abit of noticable mass (not like hulk)

Nb :
I have run my first cycle with Test. enanthate only
Dose start from 125mg / week raise till 500mg/week
(I didnt use any AI or Serm, but i hv them in my pocket just in case any side effect occurs)
And im quite satisfied with the result

My concern is :

  • Deca durabolin has very very long time detection (18 months) . Im afraid just in case bad side effect occurs i will hardly take if off from my body. Is it still gonna affect my body even after the half life time passed ? (4.5 hrs)

  • Deca will cause increasing in prolactin (which is have the same effect of exceeding Estrogen ; Gyno). Do u guys know how to handle this ?
    (Since AI wont affect anything to Prolactin issue, and i read a drug named Carbegolin could decrease the amount of Prolactin ; but it is soo damn expensive)

  • and i heard about deca dick ! Which can be countered by using Test shot while on cycle. Is it true ?

So i have 4 question . :wink:
Thank you Shifu

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