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About Chest Supported Rows...


i gotta say fuck them unless the pad is wide as fuck! i tried them for the very first time a few nights ago at the end of my training session, just to see how they were. well apparently i leaned just a bit too much to the left and let a couple ribs off of the pad. maybe 2 seconds later i heard a pop pop pop and felt as though my chest just caved in. i barely got the bar back up to rack. ended up fracturing my left true 3 rib and tore some cartilage. anyone ever experience this? or am i the only poor bastard lol.


Hoooly shit!

That’s ridiculous man, were you rowing 500lbs?!

I can’t imagine how pissed you are. I’ve heard that something like that could happen. I typically don’t use that machine just because I prefer BB rows.


Jesus man…

I haven’t done them but my gym recently got one. Not sure if I want to try it now.


Sorry to hear what happened, but no. I use the chest supported row often but never experienced it yet (hopefully never). I don’t use that much weight (at the most five 45lbs plates) which lets me control the weight.


i am weak so i use dumbbells


i have no idea how that happened but i hope you have a speedy recovery regardless



How can you break a rib by having something pressed on it like that.

None of the machines go up that high.

You need to get hit more often, toughen you up.