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About Adding a Day to my Powerbuilding Workout


I came across “powerbuilding: 4 ways to get big and strong” ( https://www.t-nation.com/training/powerbuilding-4-ways-to-get-big-iand-i-strong ) and am excited to try it out starting January 30th. I will be doing the first workout plan mentioned in the article. And was wondering if it would be detrimental, possibly slow progress or not allow enough recovery by adding another day to the plan. Example Monday Tuesday Thursday Saturday, or Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday. Either way I would follow the same style for the extra day. Wanted to know if it would be beneficial or if leaving it alone would be best. I was thinking A. DB pullover B. DB lateral raise C. Plate raise. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated thanks in advance:)


Give the program a fair run before you add anything. Authors usually know what they’re doing. After 10-12 weeks if you think you need to identify a muscle, specifically then make a change.


I suppose you are right:) I was just curious if that would speed up some progress. Also it didn’t exactly say but I’m assuming after the 3rd month I remax everything and start over. But should I do like a reload week before remaxing or just start remaxing the following week?


Also thanks for coming to this thread so quick:)


Also probably should of mentioned at the moment me my wife and 8 day old baby are living with my in-laws as we are looking for a house since we recently moved up here to be closer to her family. We are waiting for the approval from the bank at the moment and I could use the extra gym time as I find it very therapeutic… Living with my two brother in-laws that make tons of noise and wake up my baby constantly blowing off the extra steam is essential to their health… What about some sort of active recovery on my days off?


Newborn baby? I would not start a program right now if I were you. Wait to see if you will get some sleep first. I recommend spending time with your child :baby: best investment you’ll make!


Long walks with wife and baby would be my recommendation. I know nothing about newborns and their exterior limitations, but don’t undervalue walks. They’re great for fat loss and general health.


This is true. I am on paternity leave for 6 weeks so I’m still home way more than I would be if I wasn’t. Also like I said need to blow off steam or else I may snap my scrawny brother in-law in half… also for 6 weeks no go on sex so I get a lot of built up steam… But as long as baby and mama are healthy and happy all is well:)


How about some body weight training during breast feeding? Maybe floor pressing your brother in-law is a possibility?


Are you meaning instead of the program or use body wieght as active recovery? I like the sound of that for my off days btw thanks. I have a door frame pull up bar:)


I mean if you don’t make it to the gym for a few days/weeks/months you may still come a long way with a floor and a door frame.


Walks sound like a great idea possibly hikes? And yes I’m packing a bit of holiday weight still so that would be great:) sorry somehow I never saw that comment. Thanks for the advice:)