About a First Competition

So, I was thinking of competing. I’m 6’3" 221 right now. I mean it’s not 100% pretty weight but I’m trying to get some really impressive mass going because of my height I have a tendency too look a little lanky in the arms.

The competition is in October so I figure I give myself 10 months at least to prepare. I was just wondering what everyone thinks good first competition measurements would be. such as arm size, legs, etc.

I’ll be 19 so if that makes a difference, there it is.


Bodybuilding competition, right?

Post in the bodybuilding section to get better feedback.

I think it’s important to bring your best onstage. To be as big as you can and still be really lean. If you’re a solid 220, and have only been lifting for a year or two (you lucky bastard), maybe take six months to add another 20 lbs, making sure to bring up your weakpoints (arms and calves usually), and then three months to cut.

Good luck.

if you aren’t already ripped at your current weight you have no buisness going on stage. You might end up being under 180 pounds at 6’3" in contest shape. Don’t be that guy.

However, the initiative is there. Which is fantastic, but I would wait till you get a bit bigger before thinking about stepping on stage.