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about $120 to spend- suggestions?

what’s up t-maggers. i’ve been trollin for a good long while now, and have been on-again off-again working out (there really is no excuse but my school schedule has been quite erratic). anyway, i used to weigh somethin like 220 (at 5’10"). about a year ago i logged onto this site for the first time and slowly gained the necessary inspiration (along with very helpful info) to shape up. i cut down to about 170 over half a year…most of my lifts went up with the exception of the biggies: for example, military press went from 50 to 140; but flat banch plummeted from 285 to…[sigh] 135. so yes, as you can imagine there was some weird body shaping going on. now i look pretty cut- had a shapely six-pack pre-holidays which now looks more like a blurred image of a six-pack. icould post before and after pics but i dont think im nearly big enough to merit posting an “after” picture yet. which brings me to the purpose of this post.

i have roughly 120 to spend on supps. im stickin w/ biotest cuz i know from experience (md6, methoxy) that they make the best stuff. thing is, i cant afford the $300 stacks and all that. my goal: build as much muscle mass as possible while retaining the lowest possible bf%. i was thinkin along the lines of a couple of bottles of mag10 ($55 each) and a bottle of grow ($30). with a coupon at another vitamin website, this comes to about $120. are these the best supps i could get for this amount? ive read tons about the glory that is mag-10, but have also discovered that myostat might be pretty good too (it’s about $10 cheaper than the mag10 at this website). my routine + diet are pretty much set up- about to go into effect as of next week, so im not really worried about those things. thanks you guys are the best.

feel free to suggest other supps (even [gasp!] non-biotest supps. thanks again y’all.

How about you take the money and apply it toward your grocery bill?

helpful but my gf takes care of that. as i said my routine and diet are really in good order. but ive been meaning to make the most of this wad of cash towards supps for a while now. any advice in that vein would be cool

In that case, let’s see. Provided your solid food is in order, you don’t really need any protein powder aside from the postworkout period. That’s Surge, in my mind. Since you’re looking for maximum LBM gains, naturally you’ll want an andro product. Rather than shooting directly to Mag-10, why don’t you give 4-AD-EC a shot? My general opinion is that you should milk the weaker product first for all you can, then move onto the monster. It’s cheaper, too. Realize, though, you’re going to gain some fat with your LBM when using Mag-10 or 4-AD. Either way, a squared-away solid food diet plus superior postworkout nutrition and androgen product will give you exactly the results you’re looking for, with hard training.

Everything I’ve read about Mag10 suggests it works best when you “eat big”. That doesn’t sound like your bag. So I would suggest Tribex500 or possibly Methoxy7.

It’s all about the Surge, my man. Enhances recovery, and helps you turn the damage you do to yourself during a workout into muscle. I would go that route…

IKE right on target, apply it to your grocery bill, my friend, you need to spend some time in the trenches to appreciate it all, this is meant as a help to you, buy quality food it is very powerful, try it, eggs, lean meats, high end carbs, good luck