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Abortion - No Matter What


The deception behind almost everything in life revolves around the almighty dollar. The worse portion is people like making a profit based on lies. Then they convince other people that they provide nothing but benefits.

In the end, truth will always illuminate evil.


"Abortion is the ultimate form of cheating! You?re cheating nature itself! Why do rich white girls get ahead in life? Because they get abortions when they're young! They get pregnant, but they still want to go to college so, whatever, they just cheat! They cheat that little critter in their belly right out of a chance at life."

--Eric Cartman


Is that from Southpark?




As heinous as it is, at least you can make a logical argument for abortion no matter what as opposed to at arbitrary times in the gestation period. If a babies is inside you, then you have the right to kill it. It's pretty sick but I can respect the defined argument much more than I can the wishy-washy ones that are based on the convenience of what "feels" right.


tedro - I would like to understand your position better, honestly I do want to understand.

So does the fact of pregnancy allow for any and all abortions? Could you please define clearly for me, the steps that must take place which no longer allow the killing of a child in the womb?


I get what your saying but logically either your cool with infanticide or you are against abortion. The being inside of you argument doesn't even hold much water. Any thing other than being cool with killing your baby, means that you are blurring the lines and just doing what you feel may be right.


We do this with everything already and seem to be fine with it, so if you think abortion is an exception pick a different counter argument.


My position is abortion of any kind at any time is murder, but I can at least respect the argument of abortion at any time for it's sound logic. I don't respect the person making the argument, only the argument itself.

I don't agree with one iota of it, but aside from the fact that abortionists are for the killing of babies, the biggest problem I have with them is their inability to form an argument that even comes close to resembling something logical. 99% of the time they want it to come down to consciousness or viability, both of which are completely arbitrary in regards to the state of human development.


Many of these abortion at any timers do condone infanticide.

It's a sick argument, but it is sound and simple. Baby in the belly, abortion by the mother is ok. Baby outside and its not. Sick, but simple.


No. That's just utter bullshit. IF something is living parasitically off you, then you really do have a right to kill it. False dichotomies like this are just logical fallacies.

Additionally, given that the largest vocal group of opposition generally comes from christians, this opposition can't realistically be seen as anything other than congnitive dissonance. Their stupid fucking fairytale tells them that infanticide and human sacrifice is not only to be applauded but to be the core of their belief system.

IF you're so fucking serious about right to life, go and protest a palliative care centre, or a funeral home. Take your pathetic mental illness and stop waving it around like everyone else wants to see it. IF you don't think that your imaginary friend wouldn't like something, then don't do it. Stop fucking trying to impose your sick and twisted moral code - derived from a cult of human sacrifice - onto the behaviours and circumstances of other people.


Are we willing to take this argument to its logical conclusion?




My stance is I don't agree with abortion, BUT I respect the individual rights of the person to choose. I don't have to live with another person's decision. They do. And frankly it is none of my business.


So I have the right to choose to kill another individual, as long as you don't have to live with the decision?


That the queen is actually a reptilian living off the blood of children?


At the point it is in the womb - it is part of the females body. I believe you have the right to do whatever you want to your own person. What you put forth is asinine in comparison.

But sure if that individual is inside of you and part of your physical body go for it. Like I said I don't agree with the act, but who am I or you to tell any woman what she can or can't do with her body?


Well, that goes without saying.

No, my question was if you have the right to destroy something that is living parasitically on you, then Britain certainly has the right to eradicate its own parasitic organisms.

And slice them up.

And perhaps batter fry them.

And eat them with chips.

I wonder if malt vinegar goes well with royal shape-shifting reptilian.


No it's not. This is basic biology and really not worthy of discussion. The moment a zygote forms it is a completely independent life with its own unique DNA and in this case the very first stage in every human's development.

How so? Would it make you feel better if I said I have the right to kill my own children? They are still 100% dependent on me after all.

In no way whatsoever is the individual human being a part of a woman's body. So you also support full term abortions?


I think if abortion is cool, what about post-term deletion? Like, if a child is born with problems, why not terminate, I mean do they really remember things before the age of say, 4?

Or how about if they aren't showing promise by age 13. Aren't applying themselves, are lazy and fat, or simply won't do their chores?

At what trimester can we say its off limits? The 2, 10, 40th?

I see lots of potential here.