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Abortion Empire Over After Verdict?



Where there is demand, there is supply.



Why don't find something else to do besides worrying what women do with their bodies? The world is overpopulated. We should have MORE abortions and they should be encouraged!

Seriously, worry about your own life--not someone else's.



abortions <3


The world is not over populated. It's under capitalized.


And making abortion illegal would curb it about as much as the prohibition curbed drinking. The 'industry' would just get uglier.


Why don't you find something else to do besides worrying about what men worry about with their minds?

Let's see some proof of overpopulation. And, did you really admit that you wish we killed more babies?


Really? You're comparing drinking alcohol with killing innocent children?

You do realise that with abortion legalized, illegal abortions actually increased? That "back alley" abortions increased?


you need to get out more


I would like to see the data that supports this position. By an organization that isn't anti-abortion.


Well if you are for abortion, this sentiment:
"We should have MORE abortions and they should be encouraged!" is correct. This silly stupidity of being 'pro-choice' but we should try to reduce them is just retarded. If it's wrong it should be illegal, if it's right is should go on unabashed.

It's not the bitch in question it's her kid. Just like Caylee Anthony, just a tad younger. We care 'cause it's fucking murder, period.


But, but why! She's not a real person, just a fetus a part of the woman's body...

"She was given multiple doses of RU-486, according to a source, and after 12 hours of labor left the clinic upset and in pain, later to deliver the baby girl in a hospital. The child weighed 1 lb 6 oz at birth, and suffers from cerebral palsy, lack of function on one side of her body, strokes and brain damage, physical, emotional and cognitive delays, lung damage, chronic lung disease, and seizure disorders. According to pro-life witnesses inside the courtroom, the Florida jury verdict orders Pendergraft to pay Howard $18,255,000 in punitive damages, $18,000,000 in compensatory damages, and over $400,000 in court costs."


Your reasoning is non-existent, your argument is flawed. Abortion is a form of surgery, ergo a last resort. For every other form of surgery, a good Doctor tells you to look at alternatives for a very good reason, yet by your logic we should ban most forms of surgery.