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Abortion and Child Support


This post is based off a conversation I had with a friend of mine several years ago, as well as having read the 'Deadbeat Dad' thread.


Boy meets girl. Boy buys girl drinks and dinner etc. Boy bangs girl, girl gets pregnant. Girl doesn't believe in abortion, so she has the kid and hits the guy up for child support. Guy has absolutely no say in anything past the point of blowing his wad (for the sake of argument we'll say she was on the pill and he was wearing a condom but he slipped one past the entire defensive line), but now he is not only liable for child support but he is now tied to a one night stand for at least 18 years. This is basically how our system works.

Now, let's look at the reverse. Same beginning, different middle. Girl believes in abortion, makes an appointment but tells the guy. Guy doesn't believe in abortion, wants the kid. Again, guy has no say past the point of blowing.

Kind of a catch-22 here, screwing the guy. Just curious on other people's thoughts on this topic. If the guy is liable for child support, then he should have some sort of say in the whole process, other than to just open his wallet once a month.


If you* don't want your child aborted then don't stick your dick in women who are pro-choice.

But yes, once there's a pregnancy guys are no longer the decision maker. Which is why wearing condoms no matter what she says is so important. Your sperm are worth $250K over the next 18 years. Protect those little fuckers.

  • you in the general sense.


I've had a few semi-heated discussions with my girlfriend about this double standard.
IMO, it's a matter of inconvenience.
Girl wants, guy doesn't, he's inconvenienced for 18 years.
Guy wants, girl doesn't, she's inconvenienced for 9 months, but let's say a year.
I'm sure some will say, "but the guy could get child support too!". Yeah, and then you can go hang out with Clay Aiken and be in that club.

Fuckin' horseshit.



It's dangerous out there kids. Be careful.


Thats why vagina = power

U forgot option 3 get the fuck outta town


Damn ive latterly let billions $$$ go down the drain



We're so conditioned to busting a nut wherever we want, we forget that sometimes there are consequences. Come in a Kleenex, it's worthless. Come in a vagina and it'll cost you a quarter of a million.


Pretty much this. If you don't want kids wear a fucking condom or get snipped.


What if boy meets girl, girl blows boy. Girl spits batter into turkey baster, boy says what the fuck are you doing? Girl inserts turkey baster, boy says STOP THAT! Girl get pregnant. What then.

At what point does boy lose ownership of his semen? Once it leaves his body is it a legal free for all?


Condoms suck. Unless you suffer from premature ejaculation that is. I hate wearing them though. Put one on for show them discretely remove or break it > pull out at the last minute. It's pretty unlikely you'll get an STD.


Addendum: I said it's pretty unlikely but obviously inspect downstairs during foreplay. If she has gonnereah or something you'll probably smell it etc.


I'm not a lawyer, so I'm going to go out on a limb here, if you convince the girl you are wearing a condom and then remove it without her knowledge and consent then you are treading on very thin ice and could face a rape charge. And that's some serious shit right there. Obviously this depends upon the jurisdiction, but I suspect this would be the case in NSW.

Didn't Julian Assange try this shit in Sweden? He's not done too well since.
I'm thinking keeping the skin on and in good nick is a damn fine idea.

And it shows the lady some respect as well.


I think men should have the right to terminate their responsibilities if an unwanted pregnancy occurs. And yes, this is a huge double standard.


Are you fucking serious? You should look at STD statics.

Secondly, faking using a condom with your sexual partner is some pretty low down behavior.


I agree with you, particularly that the male should be able to prevent the abortion of his unborn child if that's his belief system. I'm pro-choice, but both partners should agree. Anything less is morally reprehensible to me.

However, this is all a known danger, so men should be as wary today as women were in the 50s when deciding to round the final base. Could be costly! Could be long term! So don't pick women to have sex with whom you don't trust or like or from whose kitchens you wouldn't accept a drink of water because you're repulsed by their low standards.


I couldn't agree more! That's why I always tell men to do exactly that, after sniffing around first for gonorrhea of course. I'll tell a woman that if she finds a man who looks like a good earner to moan and reach down as if she's so excited to touch him and secretly catch the condom on a hidden jagged part of her fingernail and rip that shit. That ripped condom could be worth a quarter of a million dollars!

The point is, everyone should be out for themselves at the expense of others because really, who cares about others? They're not oneself, which is the only real consideration.

Ruthlessly selfish behavior FTMFW!


Abortion rules. Thank god for abortions. If all the morons had abortions we would be so much better off than we currently are. There is a woman who lives across the street from me, she had four children with four different men, has been given a house, work done on the house and has a better income than most people earn who live on the street and work.
Her children are all in trouble all the time, they don't have any jobs and they probably will never get one.

If she had gotten abortions and people like her did, society would be a whole lot better for it. I know that isn't the PC thing to say but I can't think of a better solution to the dependency problem in society than education about contraception, full access to abortion and the removal of government aid to jobless people who have children.
I am all for people having whatever faith they want and being religious but their personal religious morals should not mean I am forced to pay the bill for other people children. Personal responsibility should take precedent, especially when it is the publics tax money that has to fund these families.



But I confess I had to look up FTMFW.


Male birth control will be out in 2 years. Until then wrap it up... or do as I do and go on TRT


The double standard goes further than just abortion in many jurisdictions. The woman can have the baby and then give it up for adoption or just leave it at a hospital no questions asked. Basically, a woman always has the option of having or not having responsibility for the child while the same is completely not true for the man.

This article has an interesting suggestion on the subject: