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Aborting a Cycle, Help


I am 18 years old.

I weight 141lb, 11% bodyfat.

my planned cycle:

1-10 week testosterone ethanate (500mg a week)
1-4 week Dianabol (30 mg daily) [10 mg each tablet]
Nolva + Clomid for PCT 2 weeks after last pin.

I totally regret it, I am pretty much stressed out and I want to abort.
Took 2 pins (500mg each)
also I tookdianabol after the second pin, took 20 mg of dianabol for one day only, couldn’t take the third.

So I need to know if I should run a pct? or I will get away with it?

Again over all what I took was (2 pins, each 500 mg) and two dianabol tablets (20mg)

It had been 10 days since the last pin.


Quitter! What happened? Infected injection site? Water retention?

Calm down. Enth has a half life of 7-10 days so it should all clear by 20. Keep the ancillaries on hand in case of sides. You just “accidentally” did a two week mini cycle so recovery should be fine.

Go to private md labs dot com and get the women’s test for $60 to make sure you recovered after the drugs clear.


No, Its just I don’t wanna fuck up myself, I am only 18.
I suffered from rapid fast heartbeats, shortness of breath and anxiety, but its not the reason I am quitting.
Its just I am afraid of the future consequences.


Didn’t mean to upset you. You shouldn’t be 100% shut down from two injections and one dianabol. But your estrogen will be high, maybe. You need the test to be sure.

How tall are you at 141 lbs and 11%? Most 18yo (or anyone <25yo) will get told not to use on here and I agree.

I don’t understand why you quit after the first side effects though.

When you were doing research and you read about potential side effects of improper use that didn’t scare you away (acne, permanent shutdown, increased BP, screwed blood lipids, hair loss, enlarged prostate, bitch tits).

Securing illegal drugs didn’t scare you away.

But a little tachycardia and boom, this isn’t for me.

Just an interesting reason to stop. Not judging. Hope you’re ok.


Like 5*9, my parents aren’t that tall.
to be exact I am 143 lbs atm, I have a very low bodyfat so my muscles are pretty much visible.
I quit because I don’t wanna damage myself and I got convinced to stop.

Anyway do you think I need a PCT? some nolva with clomid?


See below rom Bill Roberts (T-Nation’s AAS Yoda) on recovery after 2 weeks. Taking the minimum dose of your ancillaries for 2 weeks probably won’t hurt you. But you should really spend $60 on a blood test. If only for the piece of mind.

"The two-week cycles do give really fast recovery. It’s not that there is no HPTA shutdown, as there is during the two weeks, but the pituitary is immediately ready to respond to LHRH instead of so to speak having to be awakened from sleep (in more precise speaking, having greatly lowered LHRH responsiveness), and the testes are also immediately ready to respond to LH.

While if HCG is used in for example an 8 week cycle then the testes also are able to respond well to LH immediately, there’s nothing that in like manner avoid reduced responsiveness of the pituitary.

As for the hypothalamus, I don’t know if it’s more responsive to discontinuance of increased androgen after 2 weeks than 8 or if it is the same either way."


I agree with your choice bro. Your to young to be fucking with your hormones. And I’m glad to see you saw the light for yourself instead of having a bad experience and ending up all fucked up. Get the test and see how your estrogen levels are to determine if you need some pct. Hope it all works out for you bro. Your a smart kid :v:


I am from Israel, I can get my blood tests for free, when you think I should go for it? I also don’t want my doctor to know that I used any kind of steroids.
It has been 14 days since last injection, I feel pretty much normal, normal libido, normal testicles size, no mental issues, still pretty motivated and feel the energy.
In case I get my blood test and the doctor notices un-normal testosterone level, can I deny using it? My cousin told me if I get detected I should just claim that “I took pills for gym which I ordered online”


Your cousin makes a good point. Tell your doctor you want to check your test levels bc of some clinical study you read on the Internet and if you get asked questions say the study was on pro-hormones and you didn’t want to mess your body up. That’ll be your best bet. But I suspect you won’t have any issues.