Aboleo Question

Wondering about aboleo? What is it? I hear it’s good for cutting up. Nothing is popping up on T-mag search engine, nothing definitive on google either. Any info is always welcome.

I was curious so I googled it and found the supposed list of ingredients:

Each pill contains 50 mg caffeine, 3 mg Yohimbine HCL, 2.5 mg Albuterol, 1.5 mg Meridia, 10 mg Rhodesia, 12.5 mg DMAE, 50 mg green tea.
Recommended daily dosage is 2-6 pills.

While I don’t have any experience with either of those compounds, I’d be wary of taking Albuterol and Sibutramine together. Combined with up to 18mg of Yohimbine HCl daily, this seems like a great recipe to make ones blood pressure and heart rate go through the roof.

Thanks that is more than i’ve been able to find. I am going to look into the ingredients, is this an underground product or is it a legit company? Again thanks.

Looked into ingredients and answered my own question, this must be a underground product. Has anybody tried it? If so how well did it work? How well was it tolerated?

I was taking two in the morning and two before lunch. They give you the typical shakes or trembles for the first week or so, but amazing results. I’ve tried clenbuterol, as well as a couple over-the counter, and behind the counter cutters, and nothing has compared.

The only problem I had was getting to sleep at night for the first couple weeks. they really do cut you up though. Highly reccomend them if you can find them