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Abnormally High Level of LH and FSH

Dear Friends,

I am a 29-year-old guy. I have had done an Anavar only cycle for six weeks. After that, I did a complete four week PCT. I thought I was Ok but didn’t realize that my testosterone level did not return. I developed gynocosmetia and complete demasculinization. I was in this state for almost a year, and my testicles atrophied. So, I again started taking 25 mg Clomid ED. I have been on this protocol for the last 45 days. Yesterday I went to check my blood hormone level, and I am stunned by my numbers. I have an abnormally high level of LH and FSH, but my testosterone level is at the higher end of the normal range. I don’t understand what is going on. Please help.

You’re taking clomid. Asked… answered.

Ok, but then my testosterone level should be proportionately high. Is it the case of the testicle failure?

You would expect your TT to be higher while on Clomid, esp with LH & FSH high. Maybe be some kind of issue.

Do you recommend decreasing estradiol level?, as it appears to be high.

No, it’s elevated due to the Clomid. I’d get bloodwork without the Clomid to see what your baseline is, but more than likely you could use TRT. Just my opinion

I would like TRT, but in my country doctors are not knowledgeable, and perhaps they will not prescribe me TRT because I am young and unmarried.

That’s a tough one man. Hope you find someone who will help you

Can TRT brink back my libido and erection quality? I have non-existent libido and numb genitals. I hope that I have not become sterile.

I don’t believe this to be true. Admittedly I haven’t done a lot of research on this as I’m already on TRT. @readalot @unreal24278 Can either of your clarify?

@lowlibido has basically found the most his balls will produce. His LH and FSH are very high (especially LH) because he is on a hefty dose of Clomid. He could take 100 mg ED, and not get any significant increase in testosterone. Same goes for HCG (500 IU EOD increases Test as much as 5000 IU EOD does for almost all people).

I think lowering the Clomid dose makes sense here. OP is getting more than enough signal to his balls. It just the balls are only capable of so much.

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This is along the lines of what I was thinking.


Hey, how you doing now?