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Abnormalities In Physique


I've noticed some slight abnormalties in my physique in regards to measurements. For instance my left bicpe meaures about 1/4 inch bigger then my right. Does anyone else experience any of these problems, and if so do you have any specific recomendations to help offset this imbalance.



If you favor one side, then that side will be bigger and stronger. It's very common to have disproportionate measurements, and especially disproportionate strength from one side to another.

Are you left handed?


The guy in your avatar had different sized arms, nearly everyone does so unless there is a glaring difference don't sweat it.


Work out the difference in %
0.25 as a percentage of, say, 18 inches is only about 1.39%...so what?
Ok so your arms are smaller, say 15 inches, do the maths its still so what. And if they're 15 or smaller get training & eating & sleeping!


It's normal. No one is perfectly symmetrical. Stop sweating the small stuff and get back in the gym.


Small imbalances can create large problems, however no one is perfectly symmetrical.

Hit the gym hard and try and fix what you can, if you have a strong deviation in unilateral strength side to side.


normal, my right (dominant) bi is 1/4" larger than left, left lat appears larger then right, left ear is lower then right, front right tooth sticks out further then front left, ... I'm must be pretty goofy looking? How did I ever get married?


try using the weaker arm always first, and never perform more reps with the stronger arm, so they are both balanced. or maybe some right arm work only. like right arm dumbell preachers on ur off days.

have fun


Thanks for the replies I felt it wasn't that big of a deal.


everybody has an entire dominant side of the body- everything on that side will be bigger.


So if you find that one side is bigger than the other do you train it with more weight? If you're right bicep is capable of doing 75lbs curls, while the left is only up to 70lbs curls, should you just do both with 70lbs or push each muslce to it's limit?


One thing to keep in mind is isolation exercises. If you are like me you can usually squeeze out one more rep on the side you start with. So with DB curls for example, I have to make sure not to always start with my right arm, or I'll end up doing an extra rep on it.


my right forarm is bigger then my left but my left bicep is bigger then the right. And my abs are kinda crooked.


I'm right handed but my chest & traps are bigger on my left side.


Hey just noticed, my right testicle is an amazing 15 inches larger in diameter than my left nut...



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I have that problem as well, my left bi is larger then my right, both in width and peak


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I'm right handed but I'm a stronger bench presser on my left side.