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ABF First Cycle

This is the Absolutely Bloody Final version of my first cycle.

I want to gain some quality muscle with minimal bloat.

+/- 245 lbs (Currently in Finland, nice gym no scale though)
~15% bf
1.94m tall (6’4?)
Just passed 2 years serious training.

I have previously posted with ideas etc. on my first cycle as I had a right shoulder prob on the anterior delt specifically doing incline presses. This however has past and feels good to go. Was initially planning on running GH for the recovery but does not seem to be required anymore. I will however like something that promotes collagen synthesis.

10 Week cycle:

Test Enanthate:
Wks 1-8 600mg weekly
Wks 9-10 300mg weekly

Tren Enanthate:
Wks 3-7 300mg weekly, 2 injections

wks 1-10 350mg weekly

Tapering to PCT from week 11-14 with a 50mg weekly decrease of the test.

PCT 15-17:
HCG 500IU’s every 3rd day


Nolva on hand for Estrogenic sides from the Test and daily @ 20mg throughout PCT and 2 weeks after.

Should I get something to sort the progestin out or is 6 weeks/low dosage of Tren sufficient to keep the progestinal sides at bay?

BTW, I allready have the gear. Will be starting when I return to SA mid of feb.