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Abe's Training Log


Pretty horrible log name, I know. I debated on going with something flashy, but realized I could not pull them off. My best ideas were Ben Stiller lines of "I am better than you, and I know it!"; however, I am not quite strong enough to pull that one off. My other option was trying to include being "really, really, ridiculously good looking", but that was just too long. So what you are left with is my boring (but fairly uncommon) first name....


I am a 26 year old powerlifter in South Dakota. I am primarily a usapl raw lifter. I first began training as a 5'10", 190lb slob when I was a junior in high school. I had gotten out of sports after being generally too lazy and out of shape. I starved myself, ran a lot, and lifted hard and got down to 155. As I was always a chubby kid, I have the tendency to want to diet as I don't want to be fat.

I did a lot of bodybuilding training as well as generally strength training throughout college. Did not know anything about powerlifting until reading sites like these in college. As I always lifted by myself my technique was always a work in progress and had difficulty trying to teach myself. Decided to do my first competition in 2011. Totalled 1540 something in the 220 class.

After this, I was lucky enough to train with Shawn Frankl from August through November in 2011. He forced me to train hard and heavy and eat a lot. I ended up having my best meet to date going 1640 something weighing in at 229 at a UPA meet but didn't use any knee wraps. After this meet my body was really hurting and I was feeling fat, so I cut down to 198 for a meet in March of 2012. That was a disaster as I cut 9lbs in the last 24 hours before the meet. This was usapl so I had a 2 hour weigh in. Barely made it through the meet with a 1507 total.

Programmed hopped a lot after this, did a bench only meet that was close to my home and only got my opener at 391, and then recently had a great training cycle but disappointing meet going 4/8 this past march at 220 again for a 1580 total.


Had dieted down after my meet as I was pissed and got down to about 206. However, just went on vacation with my wife and am back to the 220s thanks to an all inclusive resort. I naturally program hop like a young newb, but I am wanting to get back on track with some simplified goals. As a previous member of that original BIO group (not one of the popular guys, but I was there some), I have access to the ever-popular Carlos Moran who is kind enough to listen to my ramblings and over-analytical nature. He set me straight and got me on some simple carb cycling instead of my uber modern IF/CBL approach I had been using and I will be doing some basic 5/3/1 training.

My next meet is the first weekend of November, so I will run the basic off season 5/3/1 stuff and then work more into a meet prep in a couple of months. Carlos says I need to go 242 to be optimal but I always bail before that when I start to feel "sluggish/fat". Hopefully this time will be different as my diet will be more controlled and I have lots of time to slowly get my weight up.



First day back after vacation

Standing MP

Pullups 5x10 supersetted with MP

Floor press

CS rows with curl bar
180 2x15

Mini band pushdowns

Hammer curls
50s 4x10

All in all a good first day back. Going to try to leave a rep or two in the tank with my top sets at this point and avoid failure


You know that I had to be the first one to comment on your log.

I think the lackluster will be made up by the numbers you put up.

Also video of your training sessions wouldn't hurt either.


I always hoped you would be my first....

And I know I should take some vids. How about once a month, on my 5/3/1 day? I think I could handle that.



5s Week Squat Day-also high carb day

265 5x10

ab roller

I felt strong yesterday but squats sucked today. 445 actually felt kinda tough somehow. Not sure if it was the week off or what. But time to check the ego. To me this just proves that training smart is better than training hard. I have trained hard since my last meet, but don't really have anything to show for it. I am going to do the boring but big assistance work however for the squat and deadlift to shore up some technique issues. I actually found that I did the best squatting straight down instead of training to sit back some with the 5 rep sets.

I also am surprised that I was able to fairly easily get 600 grams of carbs down with minimal reliance on poptarts.


I'm calling bs on that one, 600+ grams was a struggled for me to do without poptars, cliff bars, powerbars, and bottles if gatorade.


I said "minimal" reliance. Meaning......3 poptarts :slightly_smiling:

Two shakes 90grams of oats in the (60grams of carbs each), lunch was some chicken with 125 grams of white rice (100 grams of carbs), 45 grams of dextrose in workout shake, 3 poptarts (120grams), and 220 grams of rice with chicken for supper (175grams of carbs). So I guess 555 grams of carbs......Not bad, maybe I should eat another poptart :slightly_smiling:

Overall, when I need to eat a lot of carbs, white rice is my go to. If I subbed in potatoes I would be screwed. I also still feel like my body is not used to decent amounts of carbs and am still in a "suck um up and burn em" phase which may taper off here some.



Walked 2 miles on an incline treadmill


Bench 5s day


Supersetted with 10-15reps of facepulls

Wide grip bench
245 3x8

Supersetted with seated DB cleans for 12 reps

CG bench
245 3x8

EZ bar curls

Got a call at 4:30 this morning about a death on my wife's side of the family. Very busy, stressful day and just got in and did a quick workout. Nothing felt great.


I'm sorry for the loss


Thanks. It was his time and for the best.



Supposed to be deadlift day but pretty much was a total failure.

Since doing the boring but big routine for squats on Wednesday after a taking a week off, I have been really really, ridiculously sore, especially in the proximal adductors and hamstrings. This is mainly due to not training and switching to a more narrow stance I am sure. I felt my leg adductor pull like crazy getting out of my car on the way to work today. Hurt for a couple hours but as long as I did not have to bend or squat I was ok. At the gym I was doing some hip flexor stretching, and I tried to standup on just my right leg and the exact same thing happened to that adductor. Tried to pull some but at 225 I could not sit my butt down at all or keep the weight on my heels.

Pretty pissed off right now as I have not done anything that hard yet. Hope its better tomorrow so i don't get too far behind.



Trying to get this log back on track. It has been pretty depressing so far.

Weighed in at 214.2 yesterday morning

5s Deadlift with BBB assistance


295 5x10

Toes to bar/hanging leg raises

Hamstrings/adductors were still sore, but much better than yesterday and I was able to get through today pretty easily. The BBB assistance was not that bad at all for deads. In fact, all the BBB assistance does not seem too taxing yet outside of squats which are brutal. However, after jumping up 5% each week I am sure I will be whining shortly.


Oh don't worry, it'll start sucking soon



3s MP
125 5x10

Supersetted with 6x10 pullups

DB rows
100 4x10

Machine bench
310 (stack)x12

Hammer curls
55s 4x10

Good day. Probably will try and squat tomorrow which I got a good deal of nervous excitement built up.



3s Squat
290 5x10

ab pulldowns

Squats went well. Technique has come a long way in a short time. Probably will film my single at 500 next week. Biggest thing I have changed is a focus on squatting straight down instead of thinking about sitting back. I think I am staying much more upright, but it still feels weird for me to "trust" my glutes and hams to accept the weight.


How's the new diet treating you?


Been feeling ok. The high carb days are a chore, thats for sure. I can always pack them down after I lift but other points in the day are pretty blah. But I am used to functioning without carbs during the day and running primarily on fats.



Ran the hill 8 times with a buddy. Good sized hill. Steep and probably 60-70 yards. We are both slow so its a good battle.


3s Bench
205 5x10 alternating close and wide grips

supersetted with 100 reps of band pullaparts

BB rows
185 5x10

Thats it. Bench felt "ok". Weight is still on the low side.


Do more assistance work


I will make sure to get some curls in for you next time. Try to video them as well :slight_smile: