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Abercrombie Workout For Noob


ok, so I was looking for a program to do and found this one.
I checked the search if somebody had posted the same question, and did not find any. Probably did not look hard enough but whatever....


I'm a noob, but it seems pretty good for me. Goals is not to be a massive meathead, but a cut 190-185lbs guy. I just want to look good for the ladies in other words.

I am basically a failed athlete who always had a problem with being underweight and weak.

I'm out of shape right now, even though I'm in football season. It's my last sport as an athlete and I am hoping to just get into bodybuilding and later work on Vertical jump and track sprinting(as a hobby from when I played sports :slightly_smiling: )

anyway does this program look promising? Does it seem good for my goals?

I am not going to follow the diet of only getting 1gram of protein for each lb. I'm going straight for 1.5 -2 grams the whole program on account of extremely low weight.


This thread is not going to turn out well.


I considered replying, then had the same thought ^ and then just kept moving along..



that routine looks awesome to me! i'm gunna get my girlfriend started on it right away!



as much as I think this is a trolling post I will give a little input.... lol

DISCLAIMER: I only looked at the "Muscle Building Phase"

no one ever built a good looking back by ONLY doing lat pull downs and cable rows once a week for 3 sets each.

Why would you hit 4 different chest exercises and then only do 2 exercises for your back? Come on son.

You're doing more Ab work than back? legs? Arms? lol

also, all of the guys on that website DO NOT look the way they look because of that program FYI.


This is a very important point to pay attention to OP.


seems to me it is getting some real disapproval here..might want to try another program

but damn, you could have just said it was bad. Did not have to say the T word right off the bat


^the proper way to get the abercrombie body


Looks good for your goals.



your screen name + that avi pic + join date of this month + Abercombie Workout + "dont wanna be a muscled meathead" comment = very possible troll post

There are TONS of programs on this site that would be great for a beginner. Look in the BB section at the "Best of T Nation" thread. There are tons of good articles listed in there, including, Do this Program instead of that Dumb One (or something to that effect)


yea, the whole idea for me is not to get huge..but obviously the people here hate the idea of this program

this has the basic template though, I might just need to change sets and reps along with some lifts to balance out and I might have it


I have seen the light..now how do i delete this thread of death? it will not let me do it


Op no problem with trolling for fun. I actually enjoy it. Just do us all a favor an post in the GAL section. Makes it easier for us meatheads to keep track of where we are.


you cant delete it... just dont worry about it. Everyone makes posts that they regret.

As far as the "I dont want to get huge" thing... dont worry about that either. you arent going to hit a savage workout, pound down a shake, go to sleep and wake up the next day a 250lb ripped up beast lol.

Do you want to build muscle? (if the answer is yes) then you should probably do what the biggest/strongest guys are doing. Lift like a bodybuilder and when you get to the size that you want (185-190 ripped) then you just lift to maintain at that point. You just shift your focus from gaining size to fixing/tweaking areas that you want to improve.

but trust me... you wont just wake up one day Hyooooooooooooge lol


My gf would be offended by this...lol. She'd be like, "seriously! how am i supposed to build anything whatsoever with this?"


I agree with greg. Don't worry about it, you took the criticism well and everybody makes posts they tegret, especially as a noob. I did for sure. Also, he's telling you the truth--looking 190 ripped isn't easy. Dedicate yourself like a bodybuilder and lift and EAT like you mean to be the next ronnie coleman until you get to the size you want to be at....THEN focus on maintaining or cutting bodyfat. I will guarandamntee you it is not as easy or as quick a fix as you think it will be to get there.

Look at it this way--you can either take forever and ever and ever to get your goal because you are halfassing it, or you can mentally train yourself to have the perspective of being the next big bodybuilder....eat and train like that's your goal...and then get to you "fitness model" goal faster and then maintain with satisfaction. I'd rather pick option 2 any day of the week.


I was thinking the same thing. My girl squats and deadlifts.


Another good site for workouts is tehgayzworkouts.com :stuck_out_tongue:

But really there's plenty of other workouts and even some real good stuff on this site just do a little search. What do you weigh now? Just lift, eat sleep and repeat. Then try some cardio to get the "cut 185lbs - 190 guy" look



kinda summed everything up right there... :slight_smile: