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Abdominal Workouts.


Hey folks,

As a beginner is it necessary to incorporate direct abdominal work or does a combination of deadlifts and squats provide enough development for a strong mid section?




just do the big lifts. direct ab work is almost never necessary.


I would do some extra weighted work - I have never seen someone with a mid section that is too strong.

I have seen plenty of people who have strong legs but weak guts. Their weak mid section not only holds back their training but can lead to injury due to laspes in form.

Train your abs and obliques and train them heavy.


as an aspiring shinobi, I train the hell out of my abs, and my core in general, either low or high reps, no max effort. Always last right before I do forearme and grip work. you can just squat and deadlift heavy for a while but after a while they will start to lag and slow up your progress. But then again I am weird I like to train my lower body the most then my core and then my upper body, I could do a 2.5x bodyweight squat before I could do a 1x bodyweight bench.