Abdominal Work

my deadlifts have been steadily increasing over the past year and im afraid my abdominal muscles are lagging behind. i dont know much ab work right now maybe just 1 exercise a week. what do you guys recommend? i hear that sit ups are bad and stuff like that. Also to work abs everyday?

I like working abs daily and not ANHILIATING them on any one session. I have done that in the past but no matter what Im doing next suffers if the abs arent healed. They just have to much carry over into everything.

I mix it up and pick one a day. Many Loaded with lower reps. some mid rep range, some high reps and some isometric holds.

examples, leg lifts, wood choppers, Planks, decline weighted crunches, cable crunches, ab roller, the list goes on and one man. I say vary it and hit them hard but breif. Plus squats and such will work the abs as well. Just the tightness and bracing of ones core does a hell of a job,

Hope that helps,

thanks thats exactly what i was after, wanted to build my core strength to help with my other lifts such as squats. thanks