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Abdominal Vacuums

Has anyone ever done or heard of these? If so what is the correct way to do them, I heard it was a good way to train your abs anywhere.

Great exercise and great partyy trick. You can really freak people out with this exercise. To do vacumns, start by blowing all the air out from your stomach slowly. Once all the air is out, pull your stomach in. If you did it right you should look like you just lost 10 inches around the midesection. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then repeat. Really works the internal organs as well.

Alright, Greggy, go get the Hoover out of the closet, take off the attachment, plug that bad boy in and suck away! Oh, you meant those OTHER abdominal vacuums, my bad, champ:-) I gotta believe that Coach King, or someone, laid these out in one of his articles, did you browse thru the mags? It actually is an excellent abdominal exercise for the oh-so-undertrained and overlooked transverse abdominis. When activated during the standard crunch, I guarantee you’ll be unable to do even close to the amount of crunches that you could the other way. That said, here’s a little low-down: I’m not sure off hand what is considered the best starting position (i.e. kneeling, seated or standing), but basically you exhale all of the air in your lungs; as you do so, gradually contract the transverse (lower abdominal region) by trying to make your belly button touch your spine (that’s cool). When you think you’ve exhaled all your air, contract that mutha hard and hold it. Cough out that last bit of air in your lungs, while holding the contraction. Work for a hold of 10 seconds to begin with for several reps (i.e. 10) and gradually increase the number of seconds you hold each contraction. As you master these vacuums, you’ll find yourself doing them at line in the grocery store, at your desk at work and even while taking a whazzer!

Straight from Hoover Headquarters: T-Bizone

Frank Zane was the master at the vacuum shot.

Read this article www.testosterone.net/nation_articles/169ab.html

Patricia I agree with Zane’s vacuum AND Mahler is definitely at that level. I was at a seminar Mike did in North Va last year and the man vacuums so deep it’s freaky. An inch or two more and I’m sure you’ll see his spine. BTW Mike nice article.

Greg, listen to Mike’s advice he knows vacuums as well as kettlebells. Croooz

thanks a lot crooz and how is training going? I will be back in VA for another seminar in May, hope that you can make it.

I agree w/ Mike great exercise. But I could never figure out how to do it… Its real tough. Also Patricia is right Mr.Zane was the master at it…