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Abdominal Training


hey guys n girls , my question revolves around abdominal training while cutting, to cut a long story short im 5'9 and am 250ish and am 13 percent body fat.

Im doing fasted cardio 3 times a week and training on opposing days.

My diets pretty sweet and is working well for me, i dont do any ab training and am wondering is it a good idea to start implementing some?.

the reason i ask is im wondering if they'll show when im @ 10 or lower by themselves, or are they more prone to show and appear better if i work them like other muscles.

Hopefully some one gets my drift, cheers


You are a big boy for 5'9"....are you sure you only have 13% BF?


yes sir i had it done last week by a strength and conditioning coach using the 9 point site test, we also did waist and hip ratio and girth measurements.


i am aware i posted this 2 times undewr different headings , there was some sort of tech prob, so before any one flames me .
my appologies


I'm kind of split on this. For the past couple years I have done almost no direct ab work. However, in my HS football says my strength coach always made me do TONS of heavy weighted ab movements.

So now, I have always had my 6 pack showing regardless of my bodyfat. The one thing about this is it is sort of like a "power belly". The abs are so big my stomach is kind of rounded.

Personally I prefer no ab works, I get enough doing my other exercises.


They must be very close to showing.

I think waylander is on the money with his take. Work them and they may show...but the power belly look may also appear.

Or just lose weight....and they will definitely show.



dza I think you read a little too much into the "lose wight" bit. Like yah, just a little too much.



My abs definately became bigger, chunkier and more visible when I started working them hard 3 times a week with 8-15 reps (roman chair situps w/ plate on head, weighted leg raises etc...).

Things like squats, deads, and standing shoulder presses will also hit your abs hard too, and give them that chunky lookas well.

at 13% bf, you "should" be able to see a decent bit of ab....at least I could. They didn't get rock hard though, until I went sub 10%.

If your doing squats, deads, presses, etc...Don't worry too much about your abs...just get your body fat down.

btw...how long have you been lifting? 5' 9" 250 lbs. 13% bf is pretty crazy;)


I'm curious about this "power belly" look. Basically, does direct ab training mean that your stomach will stick out more even when you're lean?


If one trains the abs directly- 'weighted' and uses increasing weight as the progression-there is a very good chance they will develop the 'power belly' look.


i just got back into training seriously this year, was 300 plus couple years ago @ around 16 percent but due to my lifestyle choices, and the life i was leading which lead to a crystal meth addiction and a stint in rehab, my training and eating took a back seat.
i started this year at 270 and 22 percent.
got my shit sorted and i guess switched addictions lol

thanks for the advice though : )


i know , the wrong choice of words i guess lol, im a little to analytical sometimes .


Who are you?


He's either delusional, lying, or a real beast.


mate, why would i be delusional , or waste my time lying , seriously, what a sad sack of shit id be.

Any way to those ho offered me concise and positive answers, thank you , and haters flame on.

oh and in case you havent come across a pacific islander or any other new zealand freak before, 300 plus pounds is nothing to dudes down-under, i routinley see 350 - 380 pounders eating taro in my neck of the woods.


Why would you not work some of the most important muscles you have?


Don't know why some of you feel the need to question somebody if they have a high bw and decent bf%.

He is from NZ. There are some huge ass people down there. Alot of them are just born massive and will have no trouble reaching 300+lbs.

Abs hyperthropy like any other muscle in your body, so if you work them, yes they will show a little earlier. I'd imagine you should be able to see them at 13% but everyone is different.

They are an important muscle too, and you should do some ab work at the end of a workout or 2 imo.


When did a power belly become a bad thing?


thank you kind sir, yes a few folk on here love to hate the bigger boys , but hey nothing new.

Obliques starting to show and abs slowly taking shape , but ive never been into direct ab training before , but as you said they are muscles and need to be worked, so ive implemented training them into my program.