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Abdominal Strain

I strained my abdominal muscles from over use in the 11th week of Cosgrove’s Afterburn program.

The doc says I do not have a hernia, but I can not seem to shake the strain.

It has been 6+ weeks since it happened and I can only do light upper body workouts that aggravate my abs.

I have not done any leg workout since.

Does anyone know how I can train to help heal the muscle strain?

I am sure time will fix this but I have no patience.

Its not going away from lowering the intensity. I would then take a week off. Most likely your simply testing the waters a BIT to much to see if its better and reaggrevating it.

Take a week let it heel and come back in. Better to heal it now and be able to work at full capacity then to keep limping along.

There is no magic cure to solve muscle strains. If it is that bad to where you can’t even perform a lower body workout, I’d suggest taking some time off from the heavy weights and letting your body recover.

Some things that may help with the discomfort are ice massages and anti-inflammatories. I would recommend doing some light activity just moving around a bit, just so you don’t tighten up too much. Maybe do some body weight squats and things of that nature to keep a baseline activity going.


I had a similar feeling over a year ago. I strained my lower abdominal and thought for sure I had a hernia because the discomfort would not subside. I ended up taking some time off, but it was a blessing in disguise.

I rediscovered my love of the outdoors and for a couple months started hiking and biking. I now incorporate all of these activities into my training.

Once I found out it wasn’t a hernia, i didn’t lift because of fear of reinjury. My advice would be to stay active, but in other ways. I would say the discomfort was there a few weeks for me and I was tender a few after that. Best to be safe and use that energy somewhere else. A year later i am stronger than ever and keep setting PR’s, and i am confident the time off was a good thing because i was safe and smart about it.

hope it heals fast