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Abdominal Strain


Last week my torso started hurting. It's about 2 inches above the bellybutton and 3 inches to the right. The linea abla feels tight constantly. The strange thing is that I woke up late last week and it was just hurting. It got a little worse over the weekend and is staying the same.

I've tried press firmly and coughing on all areas of my abs, intercostals, obliques and nothing hurts to the touch and I haven't found anything protruding or any indentations outside the norm.

Flexing only hurts if I flex very fast like somebody is about to punch you.

I can bend over fine but trying to stretch the abdominal wall causes some discomfort as if I'm stretching a flexed muscle.

I got on the floor with a tennis ball and worked on my hip flexors and it abated for a little while.

Last Monday I super-setted hanging leg raises (bodyweight for 4x8) with dumbbell rows (100 lbs 4x8). On Tuesday I benched. Worked up to 250 x 3. On Thursday I was feeling tired and weak but decided I would try front squats. I slowly warmed up to 85 lbs x 10 and stopped. I just felt awful and weak. The next day my abs started feeling tight and progressively got worse until saturday. The week before last on Friday I did work up to 405 x 1 deadlift.

Anybody have any ideas, thoughts, recommendations?



Could be your psoas? Trigger point pattern for the psoas muscle sounds similar to the area where you're describing pain ( http://www.touchpoint.dk/xdoc/wss/42/UK/infertility-artikel/triggering ) You even said yourself that soft tissue work on your hip flexor helped the pain to ease somewhat. What had you been doing to cause the pain to start?