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Abdominal Question

Hi I am new to this site probably just cause I haven’t found it until now. I have been on many other sites and I try to get as much information as possible. So far this site is really good because of the interactive forums

Anyway I am 17 and I have only been lifting for about 2 months. I am 5’10 and weigh 170 pounds. About a year ago I started an intense cardio program and now am teaching it. In only 2 months of my weight lifting program I have gained around 10 pounds of muscle. I am on a 3 day weight lifting cycle and 2 other days I do cardio.

I only have a couple of questions. My first question relates to my abdominal muscles. I can see them but barely. I was wondering is it just cause the muscles are not big enough to stand out or because the fat over it. Every Abdominal article I’ve ever read just says that you have to remove the fat but I have very little fat there.

My second question is how can you maximize gains while minimizing fat. With my gains very little fat has came with it but its still there and I notice it. I was just wondering how to minimize the fat gain.

Your height and weight Likly needing more abdominal build seperation prior to trying to get a nice 6 pack.

Train Dog hard and eat enough to slowly add muscle and accept a bit of fat.