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Abdominal Pain Upper Right and Back

I strained or pulled a muscle in stomach, have this happen to any of you? It’s been about a month now. Taking 3 ibuprofen at once a day seems to help but don’t want to keep that up.

Do you have any gastrointestinal problems to go along with that? I’m by no means a medical expert (yet) but I literally had a test last semester that mentioned upper right abdominal pain and back problems as symptoms of gallstones, haha.

As a rule, if something is hurting for more than a month and you can’t resolve it, you should see a doctor. If there was a specific incident that you can tie to a muscle injury, it’s probably just a strain or minor tear, but you haven’t given enough information to get any sort of proper diagnosis.

TL;DR Go get yourself checked out by somebody who can see you in person. Giving more specific information here wouldn’t hurt either.

Best of luck!

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They did bloodwork and urine, everything came out fine. She diagnosed it as a strain. Month later still sore at times, it is getting better. I was wondering how long it lasts, I know everyone is different. Thank you

Oh, cool! Didn’t know you’d seen a physician. That’s great news.

Once again - don’t go against the advice of any medical professionals, but after a month I tend to lean into active recovery, which may mean starting to do the things that are uncomfortable instead of avoiding them. I let a torn labrum in my shoulder and a couple herniated discs sideline me for a long time before tackling them head on, and they only got better once I went that route. Just my experience. As you said - everyone is different, nobody will be able to tell you how long a strain will hurt.

Maybe someone will chime in with a similar experience, though.

I’ll ease in slowly with abs routines, thank you for your response.