Abdominal Muscle Lump

Let me try my absolute best to not confuse anyone because I know you aren’t with me in person and yes I got the situation checked out TWICE. The situation is located in the upper/middle region like a few centimeters to reach my hip and a few centimeters up to touch my ribcage.

Here is the kicker, this stupid fing lump won’t go away completely! This problem has been going on for about three weeks now.

The first day when I slept I felt beeping and pain and the lump was VERY noticeable But it wasn’t shaped like a golf ball is was like the shape of a Abdominal muscle muscle litterly only that it was a smaller abdominal muscle shape that even if I suck my stomach (which I had a hard time in the beginning) now I can and you will see that ab shapped muscle lump.

Also when I first tried to lift like 15 pounds I felt a pain, now I can pick up 25 pound dumbbells with the fat grip put on the handles and curl like a normal person.

I have lifted two case 35 bottles from Costco with one hand and walked inside nothing no pain.

I even asked my primary and second option doc they both haven’t seen something like this before. Like they could easily rule out a hernia BUT they didn’t. They are leaning towards muscle strain. Wtf a muscle strain doesn’t have a lump as I checked the wonderful vague internet and Bodybuliding.com hopefully you all can help me out.

Lastly, they even said they have never seen something like this before. I am dumbfounded, my brain cells are discombobulated from trying to figure out WTF IS IT!!

My primary told me I need to make an Ultrasound (moment of truth) this Friday and of course no food after midnight (great time to lose my gains).

My doctor marked me down for Ultrasound for Abdominal then wrote a comment “serve excerising” and yeah I go hard on my muscles. How this happened was when I was doing above all a cable exercise and that is upper chest flys went from 30,40,50 and then 60 and every five seconds I would continue to push and push then rest breathe in and out then again push then once I finished I felt the pain but at that time I didn’t think that it could be this rare to find the problem. I just thought a spasm or something no big deal. After two hours after on I finished my season. I usually do two or three hours on chest gave me the best gains I could ask for.

I don’t bench or do any Powerlifting exercises strength isn’t an issue just tearing down my muscles.

Now hopefully someone can pinpoint what this “rare” bull is.

I know Friday but I can’t wait I need some closure I like a zombie without workout out.

I also did planks, crunches and all I felt after is the typical sore pain I didn’t feel a sharp anything or vomiting. Yet I know some hernias don’t cause pain, BUT in the beginning I felt pain then it felt sooo it shows that the hernia did give me pain otherwise that lump wouldn’t hurt and swell up more and more.

Thanks for your time. Here’s to a safe trip to Gainesville. Blessings.

Here is a picture hopefully this will help.

You can’t even see anything plus I haven’t shaved my abdominal too dam depressed. Please someone help me out please.

You serious? I can’t post a picture?

Or was that a mistake?

Google ‘epigastric hernia’ and see what you think.

If the epigastric region is not where the lump is (in the photo), I’m missing it.

Hmm okay, and do you know anyone here who had this problem?

Also the pain hurt in the beginning like I felt pain then the pain left but that lump is there. I even lifted heavy weight with one hand and nothing no pain…

I have a very small umbilical hernia. I’m not aware of a TNer who has an epigastric hernia.

The original pain may have been related to tearing of the abdominal wall.

The ultrasound on Friday should answer your question. Let us know what it shows.

Dam sorry to read that hope everything goes good!

Ahh, something new (shocking like litterly) so again if you can, can you show me an actual picture please? Or can you confirm that tearing a muscle like this will cause the muscle to push out?

See this is so dam confusing, there are half and possibilities that it being a hernia or a strain/tear in the abdominal muscle. SHIT man!

Yeah I will thanks for the kindness and hospitality.

A hernia is a loss of integrity–a tear or hole–in the abdominal wall which allows intra-abdominal contents to push through into the subcutaneous space. So if it’s a hernia, that’s likely not muscle pushing out–it’s intra-abdominal fat (or some other structure). Here’s a good intro to the subject:

Wow thank you! I just touched both sides, the one with the lump and other side. The lump part I can push down, but he other side I can push all the way down.

So basically both hurt when I press down of course but the lump part I can’t push the same I do on the other right.

Sounds like you’re close to making the diagnosis, doctor! :wink:

Seriously though, will be keeping a good thought for you re your u/s Friday. Like I said, keep us posted if you don’t mind sharing.

Thank you brother. I will keep you posted! Blessings. :slight_smile:

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Alright so I did the ultra sound, very upset because the lady couldn’t even tell me anything not even a (everything is fine just please go to your doctor) there what was wrong about that? She was fat too (no no, be strong Brian no need to mention that she is obese and knows I lift).

But here is what happened though, she kept pressing on my bones and that actually hurt a lot (especially that little bone located above the Chest). She kept pressing on my muscle (where it hurt and not much other than pressing).

But the bones though it hurt. I am dumbfounded Idk anymore AND I have to wait to a week… I am so pissed man thought she could say SOMETHING ANYTHING so I can go to the gym and be happy again.

I feel lost disconnected ain’t being weird or gay just saying and I haven’t shaved yet I look like a gorilla… Sigh.

It’s not her fault. She was the u/s technician, and is legally, professionally and ethically bound not to tell you anything. (In fact, she’d probably be fired if she did.) Her job is to collect the images, which will in turn be interpreted by a radiologist, who will write a report that will be forwarded to your doctor, who will in turn go over the results with you.

Be patient, and try not to stress. I know that’s much easier said than done.

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It really is I hate this sooooo much. My dad keeps telling me I have nothing, he told me if there was something serious that the technician would call a doctor from there, that true or if it is a serious condition.

Also I noticed something now, on my right side as you saw you saw that bump right.

Well on the left in the upper I have a bump on it is near the ribcage like on the bone.

Finally my dad told me if I had a hernia then I wouldn’t be in pain all the time, have problems going to the restroom, limited from certain exercises and the limp to subside even… He makes great points I guess, but wtf is it? Anymore suggestions? Like could it be a rupture? But if that was the case, I wouldn’t be able to move and have discoloration.

Weird I am just dumbfounded even discombobulated to this issue. I am SO CURIOUS as to what the anwser will be SO CURIOUS.

I guess it could be an Alien baby coming out, just very slowly. That’s my only other thought. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Right? I even did 500 crunches with my legs crossed in the air and squeezing every time. I even did vacuums, I did so much activity… and the only thing that hurt was my abs all together from those 500 crunches in one sitting.

Like I’m pushing and everything no nothing… could seriously just be a strain like both the docs said? And I just did serve excerises that caused this problem?

I truly will take pictures and everything of my X Rays and hopefully what I have is a new type of injury that doesn’t involve a hernia after-all.

Well tomorrow I’ll visit my doctor or call to make sure for sure that it is really a week.

Soooo I went to the doctor, here is how is it. Normal believe it or not normal no hernia nothing.

I did the lab and sigh my dad went with me. My doctor told me my cholesterol ldl is high and hdl is low. My sugar fasted is 101. My rate is 138

He told me fat yeah because I haven’t fuckened worked for three weeks, can that effect a lot?

Sorry just mad. What do I do now? How can I build muscle and lower my meals and make my levels normal?

So what now mad. I’m gonna go workout in the sun with a tank top now.