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Abdominal Etching, I've Seen It All!

This made me laugh today, now you can get specific surgery to sculpt a six-pack!

Mind you, it won’t be much good to the ‘skinny, but I don’t want to bulk, I just want muscles and a six-pack’ brigade, as it says you have to have SOME fat to start with for the technique to work lol!


it works great, had it done last year when i bulked too much.

that looks shit. at least on them befor and after picture. he might as well have had the lines tattooed on his belly, it would have looked the same.
there is no curve to the lines, it just looks like the profile of mortar joints in brickwork.

thats disgusting. it looks very shotty too. whatever, thats what he gets for thinking theres an easy way to having a great body.

I’d get it done…but only by Dr. Bruce Nadler or someone he recommends.

Check out the Nelson Montana article in the archives. He had it done and it was pretty freakin’ good!

It’s stupid because the rest of him still looks crap! Didn’t Peter Andre have his muscles filled with fat or something?