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Abdominal Discomfort When Losing Weight

Question about losing weight. When I am trying to lose body fat I have abdominal discomfort and digestion issues for the first few weeks. Anyone else no remedies for this?

Do you change what you eat when trying to loose weight?

My stomach hurts because it’s always hungry. I’ve recently added in extra fiber as well just to help stay regular. I’m eating veggies and stuff that has fiber, but I usually always feel backed up. The fiber gummies have helped. I eat two at night and wake up ready to start my work day the right way :joy:

Yes I completely change what I eat. Then I stress because I think something is wrong with me due to the discomfort. Then wind up eating less than I should. Super annoying

Yeah going out on a limb IMo the issue is your digestive track adjust to different foods.

Don’t do this; that’s a recipe for disaster. Eat what you normally do, except less. If you normally add in a lot of sugar to your coffee or tea, try an artificial sweetener. Try a diet soda instead of regular. Slowly change your diet over time: like have a salad with chicken instead of pasta with chicken.


I appreciate the response - thank you

Thank You

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Eat as many whole, natural, unprocessed foods as you can.

Some general rules for avoiding gut issues:

  1. Avoid sugar and dairy
  2. Avoid bread
  3. Eat as many whole, natural foods as you can. If it ever grew from the earth or had eyes, eat it. If man brought it into a factory and changed it in any way, don’t eat it.
  4. Drink a lot of water.
  5. If you do eat something that causes your gut distress, give it several 4+ hours to recover from the trauma by not consuming anything but water and don’t touch that food again.