Abdominal Cramping During Workout

This is something I’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks. Toward the latter part of my workout, I’ll get a really bad cramp, usually in one of my upper abdominal muscles, although today it happened in my lower abdominals. It gets so bad that I have to cut my workout short. Once it happened during a set of leg raises, once with rear deltoid flyes and once on the ab crunch machine.

I’ve been very careful to stay well-hydrated. Today I downed 32 oz. of water first thing when I got up before leaving for the gym and drank probably 3 more 16 oz. bottles of water during my workout. I don’t think it’s overtraining because I’m on a program with much lower volume than my previous one, after about a week and a half deload where I basically only did cardio about every other day.

Since I started up again 5 months ago I haven’t had any issues with this kind of thing until just recently and I really don’t know what’s changed.

You taking tren or clen? Both are known for abdominal cramping.
Still, it happens from time to time. Just stretch it out, control your breathing, and they tend to go away.

Couldnt hurt to eat a banana though, get some vitamin K in there.

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Thanks! No, I’m not taking either of those. I take a multivitamin, D3, zinc, DHEA and fish oil. I don’t eat a lot of bananas but then again I wasn’t before, either, and they just started happening. The thing is when it happens it’s really intense so it ends up killing my workout because it takes about 20-30 minutes to stop and by that time I either have to leave or I feel like if I start up again they’ll come back.


i would see your Dr.

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I strongly doubt it’s a hernia. I don’t have any of the symptoms and there’s no pain when lifting other than when my abs start to cramp up. Plus it’s not always in the same spot.

I would still see your Dr.