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Abdominal/Back Imbalance

As my deadlift has increased, I have developed a slight backward lean when standing, possibly due to weak abdominals as compared to the back??? For you guys that are deadlifting 500ish, what are you using to build your abdominal strength?

Sitting at a desk most of the day doesn’t help…

Zercher squats, front squats, plate loaded squats…you get the idea. Go as heavy as you can go with perfect form.

I think you’re right, as tough as it is, I may need to banish back squats for a month or two.

I had the same problem. I told my Olympic lifting buddy about it. He replied swiftly, “Front Squats!”

He showed me how to do Front Squats I learnt after a handful of tries.

I started implementing Front Squats and I stopped having the problem. I stopped doing Front Squats now; my deadlift went way up, and I still don’t have the problem any more. :S

It wouldn’t hurt to try Front Squats. If your problem persists at least in the end you’ll put some size on your quads :smiley:

I had trouble with front squats due to wrist inflexibility, but now that I saw the strap trick, I’ll start doing them weekly for a couple of months.

yes all the above is great and just get that core work in ab work. Carrying things help as well. farmers, drag stuff, suit case and over head carries etc etc.