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Abdomen Training

Hi!I training soccer and I have questions for abs training.
How many times i should training the abdomen ?
I do 3 abs trainings per week.
1.weighted crunches on swiss ball 4x10-12 and swiss ball side crunches 3x10-12

2.front plank 3x40-50 sec.(on swiss ball) and side plank 3x30 sec.

3.abdominal circuit training-4 exercises on swiss ball,10 reps for exercise per cicruit,2-3 circuits,1-2 minutes pause between circuits.

What do you think for this?Have you got any comments and recommendations or better idea ?
Excuse me for bad English ! :slight_smile:

i do them everyday

I’m a big fan of hanging leg raises, killer work if you do them right.

That ab work looks fine. Here’s one that I was doing while off-season. Good for building explosive strength.

Ab wheel rollouts.

Yes,I like this ab circuit!I cant do V-press and i will change it with leg raises with swiss ball,and the thirt exercise from this video,i will make it with swiss ball in legs.I will make this circuit one they per week.
And one question-what do you think for renegade row and full contact twist ?Are they better exercises then swiss ball.
Yes i have ab wheel,but where i can put it in my ab program,with what exercises ?

Hi, many of the extreme twisting and weighted exercises are more advance and should be done only after a good base of training.

Abs are a big muscle group and can be trained almost daily, but you should be aware of other training you are doing so that you are not overdoing.

If you want abs for soccer and strong core then doing higher numbers of reps is the best solution.

If you can not see your abs due to stomach fat you should look at your diet. You can do abs all day but if you have a high % of body fat you will never see them.

Once you can see your abs and if you want them to stand out , then use weighted exercises lower reps to add bulk to the ab muscles.

Don’t forget to work on the lower and middle back as well. Doing crunches and situps puts lots so pressure on the back and there are a large percentage of people hurt from overdoing abs.

I’ve been using my Power Wheel for a little while and it’s fantastic.

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