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ABCDE-diet + dbol question

I’m on my first cycle(first week) with primobolan depot, doing 200mg week 1, 300 week 2-3, 400mg week 4-5, 300mg 6-8, 200mg week 9. I was thinking of doing dbol while on primo, but don’t know how much I should take, to make any gains(Want to get stronger). I’m expecting a 10-12lb gain from the primo and I’ve heard that I won’t get that much stronger with primo, therefor I’m thinking of taking some dbol. What do U think?

I’m also thinking of maybe doing a modified ABCDE diet while on. 2 week bulk, and 1 week cut up…I easily gain fat, so maybe that would be an idea.

If you gain fat weight fast, going on an ABCDE diet will make you gain fat weight even faster. You’re body is essentially trying to compensate for the extremely hypocaloric cutting phase of the ABC diet by storing excess calories during the bulk phase as fat NOT muscle. Furthermore, the ABCDE diet was designed to take advantage of NATURAL anabolic hormone surge (i.e. GH, insulin, testosterone etc.). If someone is on juice, it defeats the purpose of the diet. The bulk phase will make you fat if you’re on juice.

Why are you cycling Primo like this? There’s no point in starting at 200mg week 1… Inject maybe 800mg week 1, and then go 400mg/week all the way. You can add in Dianabol at 40-50mg/day, but keep in mind that it’s 17-alkylated - i.e. harsh on the liver. Use it the last 4 weeks of the cycle for tapering. ABCDE? Crap! Search the archives for the Get Big Diet! -

Borge, BSc, Norway